Alexey Lutsenko wins Serenissima Gravel – Astana

Alexey Lutsenko wins Serenissima Gravel

Kazakh leader of Astana – Premier Tech Alexey Lutsenko won the premier edition of the 100% gravel one-day race Serenissima Gravel from Lido di Jesolo to Piazzola sul Brenta in Italy.

Lutsenko launched a strong attack with some 70 kilometres to go, shortly opening a gap to the group of chasers, which included teammates Davide Martinelli and Samuele Battistella. Entering the local laps, the Astana – Premier Tech rider increased his advantage to almost two minutes, enough to hold it to the end and to take a beautiful solo victory.

“I am so happy to win this race, because it was a tough challenge and unforgettable experience for me. To win this race is a solid result for me as a rider but also for our team and our sponsor Wilier Triestina. It was the first time I rode the new Rave SLR and this bike immediately brought me a beautiful victory. It was a difficult race with a technical parcours, very narrow roads and so many corners. We had a plan to attack closer to the finish, but in a moment after another corner I found myself in front with a small gap to the group, so I decided to keep on pushing knowing that I had my teammates behind me in the peloton. Well, I think it was one of the toughest races in my life – 3.5 hours of 100% full gas, but I am really happy I finished it with a victory!”, – said Alexey Lutsenko.

Behind him there was a sprint from the chasing group with Riccardo Minali taking second place and Nathan Haas completing the podium with third position. Davide Martinelli finished fourth, while Samuele Batttistella crossed the line in ninth place.

“It was the first experience of this kind of races for everyone, but we came out to the start really motivated to try and to do it in the best possible way. Already in the bus I saw Alexey Lutsenko motivated but also Davide Martinelli was ready to fight in this race as well as Samuele Battistella. We had a bit of bad luck in the beginning of the race with a crash with Fabio Felline involved, but I am sure without this crash Fabio would also stay up there in front in the main group until the finish. It was such a beautiful race, a bit technical and difficult, especially from the start, but still nice and spectacular. Indeed, it was a serious challenge for all the riders and the race was 100% from the start and until the finish line. We can be happy and proud with the performance of Alexey Lutsenko, he did a race of a champion. His powerful solo attack with 70 kilometres to go was so impressive! There were a few strong teams who were pulling hard behind trying to bring him back, but Lutsenko was on fire today, showing his character and power. I am sure it is a new but so nice race which must go on in the next years. It was a pleasure to ride Serenissima Gravel today and I hope this race will get a big future”, – said Giuseppe Martinelli, Sports Director of Astana – Premier Tech.

Photo credit: @Serenissima Gravel

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Sean Quinn joins the 2022 roster

While he first became a fan of the team because of their American roots, his appreciation deepened over time. “As I started to understand the sport more, I really liked how they advocated strongly for clean riding. That’s something that’s really important to me.”


Quinn grew up in Los Angeles, California and relished the urban experience. “It was pretty great growing up in a big city and I’m very grateful that I did. I still spend quite a bit of time there. The riding is quite underrated there actually, as long as you don’t mind cars passing you all day.”


Nowadays, he splits his time between Boulder, Colorado and Girona, Spain. “When I’m stateside, I’m mostly in Boulder. I went to the University of Colorado for a few semesters and so a lot of my good friends live there as well as my girlfriend. It’s a nice place to spend time over the offseason. Girona is an awesome place to live in during the racing season. It has great weather and a lot of friends and former teammates to hangout and ride with.”


On the bike, Quinn can do a bit of everything but he considers reading a race to be among his main talents. “Positioning in the pack and knowing when to save energy and being smart about the way I’m riding and riding pretty conservatively when I need to is a big strength. A lot of time tactics and strategy can be overlooked but it plays a huge part in all the races.”


His other strength? Climbing. “I really love the big mountains but the thing is, ironically I’m not a super small guy,” Quinn says. “I don’t know if it’s ideally suited to me but that’s the stuff that gets me super excited, looking at huge mountain stages although when you’re in it, it’s not so fun.”


Jonathan Vaughters, EF Education-NIPPO CEO, considers Quinn’s size to be an asset. “He’s a climber. He’s a big climber. He’s not a tiny little guy but those are the kind of guys you want because a slightly larger framed climber tends to be a little bit more versatile in different types of terrain you can gamble with so we’ll see where he fits in. I see him very much as a future Tour de France rider. He’s a bigger, stronger kid that can handle the high speeds on the flats and then he can also climb which is what you need for the Tour de France.”


For the upcoming season, Quinn’s priority is to soak up the knowledge from his new teammates. “I just like hearing from guys with a lot more experience than me. A lot of veteran riders are on the team and it’ll be really cool to ride with them and learn from there. I’m looking forward to having good people with a lot of good advice. I’m sure I’ll still learn some stuff the hard way but that’s life,” he laughs.

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Roman Kreuziger Joins Bahrain Victorius as Sports Director

Bahrain Victorious are pleased to announce Roman Kreuziger as a new Sports Director for the 2022 season.

Roman joins the team straight out of the peloton following a 16-year career of pro racing: “I’m excited to be back in the World Tour! Looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I know many team members, both riders and staff. There is a winning spirit in the team, and I will do my best to contribute to the results we want. My motto is simple – to work hard and to be professional, on and off the road. After all those years in the peloton, I am pretty sure this works.”

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Miguel Angel Lopez is set to return to Astana Qazaqstan Team for two seasons – Astana

Miguel Angel Lopez is set to return to Astana Qazaqstan Team for two seasons

The long-term leader of the Kazakh team Miguel Angel Lopez makes his return to Astana Qazaqstan Team. The 27-year-old Colombian rider has signed a new two-year agreement with the team for 2022 and 2023.

“Coming back to the Astana team is a return home. In the world of professional cycling, a rider who wants to keep on moving forward sometimes has to change something in his career, to gain new experience. Sometimes it is a good one, sometimes not. The main thing is that I am coming home to my team, the team that gave me so much and with which, I am sure, we will be able to live many more wonderful moments. There is a lot of work ahead for the new season to be successful for me and for Astana Qazaqstan Team”, – said Miguel Angel Lopez.

Miguel Angel Lopez spent six seasons in the Astana project from 2015 to 2020, where he achieved most of his biggest results, including GC victories at Tour de Suisse (2016), Volta a Catalunya (2019), Tour of Colombia (2019), stage triumphs at the Tour de France and Vuelta a España as well as at the oldest classic race Milano-Torino. Together with Team Astana, Lopez reached the final podium of two Grand Tours in 2018, securing third place at both the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España.

The Colombian rider moved on for the 2021 season, during which time he also tasted some important successes with victory at the Vuelta a Andalucia, the one-day race Mont Ventoux Challenge, and the queen stage of La Vuelta.

“Miguel Angel Lopez is a rider who grew up and achieved his greatest successes in our team, and therefore I am happy that after a short break he is making his return to Astana Team. Over the past year, Miguel Angel has gained serious experience, which, perhaps, he lacked in our team. I think that this experience, both good and not so good, will help him to continue his development. Lopez proved that he is still one of the strongest riders in the world, continuing to win at the highest level, so it is great that Miguel Angel will continue his career in Astana Qazaqstan Team”, – said Alexandr Vinokurov, General Manager of Astana Qazaqstan Team.

Photo credit: @Gettysport

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Unfinished business at Cape Epic

Then Alex broke his pinky finger during the lead up to this year’s race. With an injury like that, high-speed drops and bone-jarring descents would be impossible to manage, and there was not enough time before the start for Alex to heal. It was a blow to both Alex and Lachlan.


“Alex and I were devastated when we heard he’d be unable to race,” Lachlan says. “We’ve been on this journey so long.” Lachlan still wanted to race. But first, he had to find another partner.


Cape Epic is raced by teams of two. This is for the riders’ own safety. It ensures that a racer who is injured or breaks his bike will never be left to fend for himself in the remote South African bush. Instead, riders have to help their teammates, fix each other’s equipment, and provide medical aid, if necessary, to arrive safely at each day’s finish, although assistance from riders on other teams is permitted. On the course, teammates must stay within two minutes of each other. The sum of their finishing times counts for the classification.


Who could Lachlan ask to join him? He hit on the idea of inviting Kenneth Karaya. Kenneth, 25, is one of Kenya’s best mountain bikers. He races with the AMANI Project, an initiative that works to provide African cyclists with opportunities to race and to build stronger communities on the continent by encouraging people to cycle.


“I’m familiar with their program and know that they’ve got some great riders looking for racing opportunities,” Lachlan says. “I figured it was a perfect match and reached out, hoping it would work out.” 


Kenneth immediately accepted Lachlan’s offer. He often wins his local mountain bike and road races, which are becoming ever more competitive, as hundreds of young riders take to their starts, but he has had few chances to race outside of Kenya. Cape Epic will be the biggest event that he has done to date.


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adoptez les bons gestes de sécurité grâce à l’Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ.

Pour profiter de la réduction de 40% offerte par Groupama, n’hésitez plus !
Complétez le formulaire d’inscription en bas de page avant le 5 novembre 2021 au plus tard.

Qu’est-ce que la formation « En Piste cyclable ! » ? 

L’usage du vélo a triplé ces dernières années, mais le nombre d’accidents a également été multiplié par 63% depuis 2019. Créée en 2020, avec le soutien de Groupama et de FDJ, « En piste cyclable ! » est la formation vélo clé en main de l’Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ, qui répond aux nouveaux enjeux de la mobilité urbaine à vélo. 

Encadrée par un ancien coureur professionnel de l’Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ et par un ancien gendarme de la Garde Républicaine, la formation couvre les deux aspects indispensables à la bonne pratique du vélo en ville : la maniabilité et la sécurité ! Composée d’une partie théorique et d’une mise en situation réelle de plusieurs kilomètres, intégrant des exercices de maniabilité de son vélo, la formation « En Piste Cyclable ! » se veut minutieuse et bienveillante pour donner toutes les clés nécessaires à la circulation à vélo en toute sécurité.

Chaque formation dure 2 heures et se déroule avec 10 inscrits qui doivent impérativement apporter leur propre vélo et de préférence porter un casque. De plus, un sac cadeau comprenant un kit de sécurité indispensable sera remis à chaque participant à l’issue de la formation. 

« A vélo, même si on sait rouler, il faut aussi savoir circuler » Marc Madiot

Opération Spéciale Groupama

Déjà engagé aux côtés des champions de l’Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ d’une part et de tous les pratiquants amateurs d’autre part, Groupama souhaite également accompagner tous ceux qui utilisent leur vélo dans leur vie quotidienne : que ce soit pour se rendre au travail, pour faire leurs courses, pour amener leurs enfants à l’école, ou tout simplement pour se déplacer. 

C’est pourquoi en ce moment, Groupama vous fait bénéficier d’une réduction de 40% sur votre inscription à la formation « En Piste Cyclable ! ». Le prix de l’inscription passant ainsi de 149€ par personne à 89€. Cette réduction s’appliquera à toutes les formations dispensées entre novembre 2021 et mars 2022 dans 9 villes en France :

Pour vous inscrire et bénéficier de l’offre, merci de compléter le formulaire d’inscription. Vous recevrez ensuite un email de confirmation de votre choix de session et la procédure de paiement par virement bancaire afin de valider votre inscription.

  • Offre Groupama de -40% valable du 15/10/2021 au 05/11/2021, dans la limite des places disponibles
  • 4 créneaux de formation maximum par ville et par date, soit 40 places maximum par ville
  • Les formations n’auront lieu que si 2 créneaux complets sont réservés, soit 2×10 personnes, sur une même ville. Si ce n’est pas le cas, la formation sera annulée et les inscrits remboursés
  • Les formations sont réservées aux personnes de plus de 18 ans munis d’un pass sanitaire (évolution possible en fonction de la règlementation gouvernementale en vigueur au moment de la formation)
  • Le paiement se fait par virement bancaire auprès de l’organisme CC Promotions. Toutes les modalités sont détaillées dans le mail reçu au moment de l’inscription
  • Assistance téléphonique au
  • Délai de rétractation légal de 15 jours à compter de la date du virement


Consulter les conditions générales de vente

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Jonas Rutsch renews with team

Most recently, Rutsch captivated the crowds at Paris-Roubaix with his incredible performance at the toughest one-day race of the year.


“I think Jonas will be a Roubaix guy for the next few years,” said teammate Sebastian Langeveld. And that’s all coming from a veteran who has done Roubaix 13 times. Rutsch finished the race just ahead of Langeveld in eleventh place overall, covered in the usual Roubaix mud and with absolutely nothing left in the tank. 


Vaughters agrees with Langeveld, and goes as far to even say that Jonas Rutsch will one day win the race.


“This kid could be a future winner of Paris-Roubaix and this year we saw that potential come up,” said Vaughters. “It could definitely be in his future, I have no doubt in my mind.”


Now that Roubaix is behind him and the race season has officially come to an end for the rider, he’s looking forward to working hard during the off-season and coming back stronger than ever. During his downtime and recovery, he will most likely be making himself an espresso or watching Game of Thrones. 


“I’m so happy to be on the team. It’s just a good fit. The team trusted me and gave me a chance even though I’m young. Now it’s a question of what I could give back to them,” said Rutsch. 


— Mary Lee Mahony to

Tour de France 2022 (July 1-24)

Vincent Lavenu : « A Tour which suits the qualities of the team »

« Learning what the route of the Tour de France is always a rather unique moment. The first part promises to be tricky starting in Denmark with the wind, the flatness and then moving onto the cobblestones. We will have to be attentive and use the whole team to support our leaders. The Tour will then be very demanding with a lot of mountains. It suits the qualities of the team. One of the highlights of these three weeks will be the Col du Granon. I have fond memories of the Tour passing on this one, I was on the side of the road with my children. It’s a very difficult climb. »Vincent

Aurélien Paret-Peintre : « More mountainous than last year »

« It’s a bit more mountainous than last year. We will have a good start in a flat and windy country, then the Alps will quickly come, where there will be very difficult stages that we know well. These are legendary places and it promises to be superb. Crossing France will also be more complicated than usual with a passage through the Massif Central and then we will have beautiful climbs in the Pyrenees.
The second rest day will take place close to home, in Morzine, then we will cross the entire Haute-Savoie department via a very beautiful route, especially on the shores of Lake Geneva. It’s going to be a lot of fun for me »Aurélien

Benoît Cosnefroy : « A route that inspires me »

« It’s a Tour de France that inspires me and it’s always a special emotion to discover the course. As always, we find stages where there will be opportunities to find success. The start looks very stressful with the wind and then the cobbles. There will be a lot of uncertainty for each of the stages. »Benoît

The number


Since its first participation in 1993, the AG2R CITROËN TEAM has won 20 stages of the Tour de France. It has also climbed on the podium of the final general classification on 3 occasions (Jean-Christophe Péraud 2nd in 2014 and Romain Bardet 2nd in 2016 and 3rd 2017).

The news

Presentation of the academy

The training program for the AG2R CITROËN TEAM has existed for 20 years. The AG2R CITROËN U19 and AG2R CITROËN U23 teams give young people aged 17 to 22 the chance to learn about cycling at a high level while continuing their school career. Watch a video presentation about the programs HERE

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Bahrain Victorious Sign Luis León Sánchez and Johan Price-Pejtersen for 2022 Season

Bahrain Victorious are pleased to announce the signings of Luis León Sánchez and Johan Price-Pejtersen for the upcoming 2022 season. 

Luis León Sánchez brings a wealth of experience to the team entering his 19th season as a pro: “I’m really happy to race for team Bahrain over the next few seasons. It’s exciting to join this group of great cyclists and the vision to become one of the best teams in the world. I am sure that with hard work, we will keep a level that has brought so much joy to the team this season.”

Johan Price-Pejtersen joins the team off the back of a successful season, winning the U23 ITT World Championship: “First of all, I want to thank my prior team, Uno-X Pro Cycling, for our collaboration working towards my development and reaching my goals. They have been a big factor putting me in a position to take the next step with Team Bahrain Victorious. 

I’m extremely humbled and honoured to become a part of Team Bahrain Victorious. For me, their project and the team’s development is something I find truly exciting and interesting. I can’t wait to join the team as I’m sure it’s the perfect environment for my further personal development and, with this contributing to the greater collective as a team. Together, I hope we can reach big goals!”

— Simona Mazzoleni to

Astana – Premier Tech for Serenissima Gravel – Astana

Astana – Premier Tech for Serenissima Gravel

Astana – Premier Tech will take part in the Italian one-day gravel race Serenissima Gravel, which will be held on October 15th.

Rider roster: Alexey Lutsenko (KAZ), Fabio Felline (ITA), Samuele Battistella (ITA), Davide Martinelli (ITA).

Sports directors: Bruno Cenghialta (ITA), Giuseppe Martinelli (ITA).

Race information:

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