Six-time Singapore champion Choon Huat Goh joins Team BikeExchange as stagiaire for second half of 2021 WorldTour season – Team BikeExchange

Team BikeExchange continues its global cycling development with the collaboration of the Singapore Cycling Federation.

This new adventure, brought forward by GreenEDGE Cycling and its longtime General Manager Shayne Bannan, now High Performance Director for the Singapore Cycling Federation, will see its first results by seeing the first Singapore rider join the WorldTour cycling peloton.

Six-time national champion Choon Huat Goh will join Team BikeExchange as a stagiaire, with the 30-year-old set to start with the team at the Tour of Slovakia in September.

Brent Copeland – General Manager, GreenEDGE Cycling
“GreenEDGE Cycling is always trying to develop new global partnerships to support the growth of our sport.
After previous synergies in Asia, this is another exciting partnership, and we are happy to work together with Shayne and the Singapore Cycling Federation to support the development of cycling in the region.

I had the chance to finally meet Donaben at our Service Course and I can only wish him the best and suggest him to take the best out of this unique experience. For him it is a learning experience, and he has to be wise to take the most out of it for his personal improvement.”

Dr Hing Siong Chen – President, Singapore Cycling Federation
“We want to nurture an eco-system where full-time riders are fully supported in the community and young riders see prospects in pursuing cycling as a career.

This is our game plan to embark on an endeavor to consistently secure podium finishes at major games and be competitive with those in the region, and even internationally.”

Choon Huat (Donaben) Goh – Stagiaire Rider, GreenEDGE Cycling
“I am grateful for getting this opportunity to ride with Team BikeExchange. It is a dream for every cyclist to be able to step up into a WorldTour scene and ride in the pro peloton.

Of course, given that I come from a Southeast Asia country, a tiny dot on the world map, this opportunity means even more to me. I also hope this opportunity given to me will inspire more younger cyclists in Singapore.

It has been a great start so far as I was greeted with a warm welcome from Brent Copeland and the staff members in the Service Course. They took me on a tour of the Service Course, and it was amazing to see the amount of support and equipment needed to run a WorldTour Team.

I am looking forward to racing with the team and getting some racing exposure on how things are run at this level and do my best to support the team as much as I can.

My first race will be Tour of Slovakia and I have about 6-7weeks to prepare myself. I will be based in Girona, and I look forward to meeting and training with some of the riders there.”

— Team BikeExchange to www.greenedgecycling.com

Henok Mulubrhan steps up to the WorldTour in 2022

We are delighted to announce that Henok Mulubrhan has signed his first professional contract and will join the Team Qhubeka NextHash WorldTour team from 1 January, 2022.

The 21-year-old from Asmara, Eritrea, makes the progression following two years spent with Team Qhubeka’s UCI Continental team based in Lucca, Italy.

2021 has proved to be an excellent season, so far, which has included placing second at Giro del Medio Brenta, third place on stage two of the under 23 Giro d’Italia where he also placed 17th overall on the general classification and a hugely impressive sixth at Giro dell’Appennino, among others.

Mulubrham has also raced this season with our WorldTour team, as a member of our squad that competed at Trofeo Andratx and Trofeo Calvia.

He joins an illustrious list of riders including the likes of Daniel Teklahaimanot, Merhawi Kudus, Nicholas Dlamini, Ryan Gibbons, Stefan de Bod, Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg and others, that have taken the step from our team to the WorldTour and gone on to compete consistently at the very highest level.

Henok Mulubrhan

I am very happy to receive my first professional contract. It was always a dream of mine to be a professional, from the age of 17 when I was racing with the Eritrean team. I need to thank my family for their support, particularly my father and my uncle. My Father always believed in me, he told everyone I will be a professional one day and supported me a lot.

He came to every race I did and if he could get a visa, I know he would want to come to all my races in Europe too. My uncle did a lot to help me financially in my career, even now he still helps me. I need to thank them a lot but also to the whole Eritrean community, my fans, who always support and encourage me.

To the team, I am very grateful to the Qhubeka Continental team for the opportunity. With them, my dream changed from just being a dream to becoming a realistic goal. They gave me opportunity to experience racing in Europe and to increase my level. Thank you to Kevin (Campbell) and Daniele (Nieri) and all the Continental team staff and also to my teammates who helped me. Last year I lived, trained and raced with guys like Natnael Tesfatsion and Leonardo Marchiori. They turned pro from this team so it gave me a lot of motivation to train hard and keep believing I can do it too.

Now I start from the beginning again, and it is time for a new dream as a professional. I want to start a grand tour, that is my next goal and after, in a few years my family dream is to see me win a stage in a grand tour. This is what I will work towards.

Douglas Ryder – Team Principal

One of the greatest pleasures that I have is seeing young riders taking the opportunity to establish themselves in our Continental team and then earning their spot to ride on the highest level with our WorldTour team.
That is exactly what our team is about, to create hope and opportunity for a successful career as a professional cyclist and continue to inspire hope in others that their dreams can come true.

Henok’s hugely impressed all of us; he’s not only ridden so well with our Continental team but also spent some time racing successfully with the WorldTour team.

His hard work and adaptation to international racing is showing incredible improvements which we hope will go from strength to strength, and we look forward to playing our part in that journey to see him realise his dreams.

— Jean Smyth to teamqhubeka.com


On the presentation of the 108th Tour de France, Bahrain Victorious riders walked onto the stage fashioning a never-before-seen jersey, moving away from the traditional red the team wears throughout the year. The riders wore a white jersey with blue highlights. Known as the ‘Maillot Disruptif’, the jersey highlighted several key messages about Obesity and Diabetes.

Following the presentation, the jerseys were destroyed, never to be physically seen again. One has since been minted as a piece of crypto art known as an NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) that will be auctioned off, raising money to combat these diseases. Along with the increasing uptake and growing market of cryptocurrencies, NFTs have also seen an increase as a new way of collecting exclusive digital art. They are the baseball cards of tomorrow. Both TBV and Alé saw this as the perfect platform for the ‘Maillot Disruptif’ because it not only communicates with a younger market, one who are potentially more at risk of Diabetes and Obesity, but also because it gives the owner a unique connection with both cycling and TBV.

The auction for the NFT ‘MAILLOT DISRUPTIF’ jersey went live at this link https://bit.ly/3xNV9pR  following the reveal and destruction of the jersey and will end at midday on 5th July 2021. The highest bid will win irrespective of the imposed reserve (minimum requirement by Opensea). 

The aim is to raise awareness for two prevalent diseases – Obesity and Diabetes – diseases that can be tackled by driving a healthier and more active lifestyle. Something cycling can do for people. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Royal Humanitarian Foundation to aid those with complications from Obesity and Diabetes.

Why Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity and Diabetes have been diseases that are not exclusive to Bahrain and the GCC but are prevalent throughout the world. In 2007, Bahrain and neighbouring countries were some of the top-ranked nations regarding the prevalence of these diseases. Though not mutually exclusive, obesity causes almost 85% of diabetes cases, and therefore it’s important to raise awareness around this cause and effect.

Back in 2017, Bahrain entered the pro peloton intending to inspire people to take up endurance sports. Ten years ago, Bahrain only had a handful of cyclists, but today thousands are taking on this sport along with other popular endurance sports through triathlon and running. Consequently, Bahrain has seen a shift in attitude towards health and a lower prevalence of such diseases. This jersey aims to further push this awareness and call to action, using the biggest platform with cycling to highlight the team’s commitment to riding for a deeper cause.

HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa is a big believer in the power of sport to bring about a better life for every Bahraini. The term Victorious outlines the ambition to win and, through winning, inspire. Through this, Bahrain has seen exponential growth and uptake in a sport like cycling, which builds on a healthier lifestyle.

The Design

Alé and Bahrain Victorious went with an all-white design that symbolizes the clear message – the benefit of movement to combat Obesity and Diabetes. The touches of blue across the jersey reference the team’s optimism, which also represents Diabetes awareness.

The faint ‘V’ across the jersey is the roman numeral five, a nod to the team’s time in WorldTour cycling and the name Victorious. On the back of the jersey is a prominent and clear message about the power of cycling: “Riding Away From Obesity and Diabetes” and “Every Pedal Stroke is a Victory.” It represents that the name Victorious is about celebrating the personal victories and challenges taken on by everyone. We may not all be able to compete to win stages at the biggest race in cycling, but we can each work towards our own victories with sport.

Across the jersey, striking red text highlights the challenges faced through the diseases, such as: “374 million people are at increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes“, along with messages of the benefits of cycling and movement to prevent Obesity and Diabetes.

Finally, looking closely, you will see that the font for the jersey is imperfectly hand-drawn and childlike. This links back to the younger generation, not only a key moment when many of us learn to ride a bike, but also the moment when we should be aware of the benefits of continuing to ride. With cycling being the ideal tool to be physically active, TBV and Alé aim to inspire the future generation to become cyclists.

The comment of Alessia Piccolo, CEO of APG S.r.l., the company that owns Alé: “This initiative, conducted together with Team Bahrain Victorious, fills me with pride: the Maillot Disruptif Alé Team Bahrain Victorious carries a strong social message. Diabetes and obesity are diseases that can be fought and a battle that can often be won. Sport, and especially cycling, is a formidable weapon that comes to aid, an accessible ally that is available for everyone. We have a great responsibility towards young people, we must inspire them, encourage them and help them to understand that cycling, although a sport of hard work and sweat, is their most reliable and sincere wingman, the one that will lead them towards the best of all victories: a healthier and more conscious life.” 

Check out the Maillot Disruptif here: 


Team Bahrain Victorious would like to thank ASO and UCI for their support of this initiative.

— Simona Mazzoleni to bahraincyclingteam.com