Devo Race Report – Visegrad 4 – GP Slovakia

Date: July 11, 2021

Race: Visegrad 4 GP Slovakia

Start/Finish: Nova Bana 

Distance: 146km

Weather: Cool and very rainy

Course: 35km loop with two 5km climbs – Very wet and slick

Riders: 122

Class: UCI 1.2

Daniel Holt (USA) – Development Team General Manager

The course had a very hard profile already, add to it thunderstorms and very slick roads, and the course became very difficult. The game plan was to fight very hard for position at the front, hold on to position over the 2 climbs, then do what you could after that. 

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com

Devo Race Report – Visegrad 4 Kerekparverseny

Date: July 10, 2021

Race: Visegrad 4 Kerekparverseny (Hungary)

Start/Finish: Budapest to 

Distance: 157 km + 20km neutral

Weather: Warm and windy

Course: Rolling hills with 2 steep climbs in the last 10km

Riders: 144

Class: UCI 1.2

Daniel Holt (USA) – Development Team General Manager

I really wanted the guys to be aggressive about making the break today. Any of them can ride there and it would be a huge confidence boost. Also, given the uncertainty of a 1-day race like this, and the long sections of crosswind after 75km of racing, I figured the break would be a good place to be.

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com