ISN’s Successful Giro: Pink, Stage Win and a Top-10 in GC

The last stage in the Giro d’Italia didn’t cause trouble for ISN: Dan Martin kept tenth place in the general classification.

With that top-10 from the Irishman, ISN can look back on a very successful trip around Italy. We had the pink jersey, we had a stage win, we saw Guy Niv step up his game another time, and we had multiple spots on the podium.

Ultimately, Dan’s good result in the GC resulted only in smiles from the riders and staff members.

Israeli climber Guy Niv looked back on his best Grand Tour, so far, in his career:

“I felt powerful all Giro long, and I am looking back positively on that day in the breakaway. I feel I made another step up this Giro and I cannot wait till the next race,” a motivated Niv said after finishing in Milan.

Matthias Brändle was ISN’s top finisher in today’s final time trial. He got ISN the 16th place.

Pics: Bettini

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— Sjors Beukeboom to israelcyclingacademy.com

Bevin seventeenth in Giro after successful breakaway attempt

It took kilometers and kilometers before a big group of escapees was allowed to go up the road. Once it was decided, Bevin found himself in the mix.

A good move, from ISN’s perspective, to go with Bevin in the break; the team took a chance for a good stage result.

noa_Giro d’italia 2021

The parcours suited the fast Bevin particularly well as there were a few tiny hills to overcome in the last thirty kilometers.

The Kiwi attacked his fellow breakaway companions with thirty kilometers to go, didn’t get away, then paid for his attempt.

After the finish, he said: “I tried to be aggressive, but I simply didn’t have the legs.”

He didn’t return to the front of the race again after several attacks from others.

“Disappointing”, he said, “especially after such a long day on the bike.”

Bevin finished seventeenth. “That’s it after 18 stages into the Giro.”

— Sjors Beukeboom to israelcyclingacademy.com