Sean Quinn joins the 2022 roster

While he first became a fan of the team because of their American roots, his appreciation deepened over time. “As I started to understand the sport more, I really liked how they advocated strongly for clean riding. That’s something that’s really important to me.”


Quinn grew up in Los Angeles, California and relished the urban experience. “It was pretty great growing up in a big city and I’m very grateful that I did. I still spend quite a bit of time there. The riding is quite underrated there actually, as long as you don’t mind cars passing you all day.”


Nowadays, he splits his time between Boulder, Colorado and Girona, Spain. “When I’m stateside, I’m mostly in Boulder. I went to the University of Colorado for a few semesters and so a lot of my good friends live there as well as my girlfriend. It’s a nice place to spend time over the offseason. Girona is an awesome place to live in during the racing season. It has great weather and a lot of friends and former teammates to hangout and ride with.”


On the bike, Quinn can do a bit of everything but he considers reading a race to be among his main talents. “Positioning in the pack and knowing when to save energy and being smart about the way I’m riding and riding pretty conservatively when I need to is a big strength. A lot of time tactics and strategy can be overlooked but it plays a huge part in all the races.”


His other strength? Climbing. “I really love the big mountains but the thing is, ironically I’m not a super small guy,” Quinn says. “I don’t know if it’s ideally suited to me but that’s the stuff that gets me super excited, looking at huge mountain stages although when you’re in it, it’s not so fun.”


Jonathan Vaughters, EF Education-NIPPO CEO, considers Quinn’s size to be an asset. “He’s a climber. He’s a big climber. He’s not a tiny little guy but those are the kind of guys you want because a slightly larger framed climber tends to be a little bit more versatile in different types of terrain you can gamble with so we’ll see where he fits in. I see him very much as a future Tour de France rider. He’s a bigger, stronger kid that can handle the high speeds on the flats and then he can also climb which is what you need for the Tour de France.”


For the upcoming season, Quinn’s priority is to soak up the knowledge from his new teammates. “I just like hearing from guys with a lot more experience than me. A lot of veteran riders are on the team and it’ll be really cool to ride with them and learn from there. I’m looking forward to having good people with a lot of good advice. I’m sure I’ll still learn some stuff the hard way but that’s life,” he laughs.

— Mary Lee Mahony to www.efprocycling.com

Owain Doull joins the EF 2022 roster

Team CEO Jonathan Vaughters shares the same vision as Doull. “Owain is a very strong rider for the Classics, has a great little sprint on him, and is a good time trialist,” Vaughters says. “More than anything, Owain is a guy who can win one of the smaller semi Classics. I thought it would be good to get a rider like that who would have the kind of freedom to accomplish some goals and will reinforce our Classics squad in general and give us one more option beyond Alberto Bettiol and Michael Valgren. He gives us a broader spectrum of options in the Classics. He hasn’t been given the opportunity to race very many Grand Tours in his career and I think that that’s something he’ll be quite successful at once he’s given the chance. He’ll not only be a successful worker but also, a little bit like Magnus Cort, he can get out of the breakaway and win from the break.”


Doull brings a thoughtful outlook to both the sport and to life. “From cycling, you learn a lot and it helps you grow and shapes you as a person. I lost one of my best friends to suicide during lockdown. I wasn’t sure what to do. I carried on racing. It was difficult but it showed me how much I love the sport. If I’m going to sacrifice time away from friends and family, I want it to mean something and to be able to finish and say I’ve gotten everything out of myself, I couldn’t have done anything more. That perspective is probably the thing I’ve learned the most from cycling.”


Joining EF aligns with his value of fully committing to your beliefs. “This is a team I’ve always been really impressed by. The fact that the team approached me and were interested in me, that shows a lot. Being shown you’re valued by someone is important and it helps you buy into the belief that they believe you can do it as well. That’s an important thing for me.”


When he’s not on the bike, you’ll find Doull indulging in one of his two loves: coffee and collecting vinyl. “There’s a lot of music I really like but I enjoy having it on vinyl and being able to listen to the whole album.”


And don’t be surprised to learn that Doull has applied his deep sense of commitment to coffee. “I have a coffee company which I’m very passionate about, Five Rings Coffee.”


The team’s ethos is one Doull identifies with. “I like that underdog spirit, punching above your weight. As a bike rider, I’ve always thought of myself as not the most talented person but I work hard. That’s the culture of the team: work hard and be clever about it. I hope I’ll fit in well,” he says with a laugh.


We think you’ll fit in just fine, Owain. Welcome to the team!

— Mary Lee Mahony to www.efprocycling.com