Back to back top tens for Ridolfo

Date: June 11, 2021

Race: 5 Rings of Moscow

Start/Finish: Moscow,Russia

Distance: 122km 

Weather: light rain,thunderstorm 17deg 

Course: hils short but very steep

Riders: 97

Class: UCI 2.2

Sergey Lagutin 

Today was another hard stage ( Krylatskoye ) but the distance was shorter. All our riders were very confident at the start and knew exactly what to do and how to defend in this course.

Robbe Ceurens

Hard day in the saddle today with more than 2000 meters of climbing again. The race was gonna be an elimination, so the main goal was to stay in the front and survive. In the final, 4 guys attacked from our group and stayed away. Filippo and I finished in the group just behind. I finished 12th and Filippo got 10th again! I’m happy with the legs and I feel stronger every race. Looking forward to the next races!

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com

Five rings of Moscow stage 1: Ridolfo climbs to top 10

Date: June 9, 2021

Race: 5 Rings of Moscow

Start/Finish: Moscow,Russia

Distance: 148km 

Weather: Rain all day 16deg 

Course: hills, short, but very steep

Riders: 138

Class: UCI 2.2

Sergey Lagutin – Head Coach

Today was one of the  harder and most important queen stage, Krillatskoe. 

The plan was for the guys to stay in the front of the bunch from the beginning to save energy and stay out of trouble. Filippo Ridolfo wanted to target the General Classification from early on so we decided to give him full support.

Filippo Ridolfo

“Today was a very hard day with rain and a hilly course. The first 5 laps there was not much selection but from then the ‘real’ race started. I tried to always be infront for the nervous lap and to follow the attacks. I couldn’t follow the first group then I remained in the second group and in the last kilometers I attacked to gain some positions. In the end I am happy with top 10.”

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com