“We want to start the off-season with a good feeling after the races in Drenthe” – Liv Racing

Liv Racing closes the road season this weekend with the Drentse 8 van Westerveld (Friday, October 22) and the Ronde van Drenthe (Saturday, October 23). In both Dutch one-day races Liv Racing will compete with four riders. On Friday Alison Jackson, Evy Kuijpers, Ayesha McGowan and Sofia Bertizzolo will start. A day later, Alison Jackson, Evy Kuijpers, Marta Jaskulska and Sofia Bertizzolo will represent the purple formation.

Both races will be held in the Dutch province of Drenthe. In the Drentse 8 van Westerveld (139 kilometres) the riders will start and finish in Dwingeloo, where cobblestone sections are the main obstacles in the race. In the Ronde van Drenthe (159 kilometres) the riders will ride from Assen to Hoogeveen. The course includes ten cobbled sections. The VAMberg will also be climbed four times.

“After the Women’s Tour I got sick. It was only a flu, but I was not 100 percent fit. After I recovered, I slowly built up to these two races in Drenthe, which will be my last races for Liv Racing. I want to end this fine three-year period in a good, positive way. Not only for myself, but also for the team. The races in Drenthe are always fun to ride, they are attractive. Weather elements like the wind have an impact on the course, the race is never boring”, says Evy Kuijpers.

“If you look at both races, the Ronde van Drenthe is definitely the toughest of the two, being 159 kilometres long. And you have the many cobbled sections and the VAMberg climbs. It is also the last test of strength between all the big teams. It is a good race to show yourself again and to make sure you go into the off-season with a good feeling. With the team, we should be able to go for good results. Sofia Bertizzolo won last week in France. And Alison Jackson is in shape as well, although we have to wait and see how she has recovered from her crash in the Women’s Tour. We start with a small team, but we will make the most of it.”

Photo credits: Cor Vos

— rik to livracing.com

Rooijakkers goes for ‘final offensive’ in two Breton races – Liv Racing


Liv Racing is preparing for two French one-day races. On Friday the team with Ayesha McGowan, Pauliena Rooijakkers, Lotte Kopecky and Sofia Bertizzolo will compete in La Classique Morbihan. On Saturday there is the Grand Prix du Morbihan Féminin.

La Classique Morbihan (115 kilometres) starts in Josselin. The hilly course will bring the riders to the local final circuit which will be ridden five times. The riders will have to face the same climb of 1.8 kilometres six times. After the last passage, the course goes slightly downhill for one kilometre before the finish in Grand-Champ.

One day later there is the Grand Prix du Morbihan Féminin (102 kilometres). In this race the riders will compete on a local circuit in and around Grand-Champ. This hilly lap is almost 15 kilometres long. The riders will ride it a total of seven times.

Pauliena Rooijakkers goes to France with confidence. Last weekend she became Dutch MTB Marathon champion. “I have competed in these French races a few years ago. Back then the course was slightly different than now. It remains hilly anyway. We will try to make the course hard, on the many climbs that should be possible. That way we will try to create a good situation for ourselves. Who knows, maybe we can put Lotte in a position to go for success.”

“The Dutch MTB Marathon championships, last weekend, did me good. I feel strong and I definitely want to make something beautiful out of it. These will be my last races for Liv Racing. Let this be a nice final offensive after many fine years.”

Photo credits: Cor Vos

— rik to livracing.com