Devo Race Report – Visegrad 4 – GP Slovakia

Date: July 11, 2021

Race: Visegrad 4 GP Slovakia

Start/Finish: Nova Bana 

Distance: 146km

Weather: Cool and very rainy

Course: 35km loop with two 5km climbs – Very wet and slick

Riders: 122

Class: UCI 1.2

Daniel Holt (USA) – Development Team General Manager

The course had a very hard profile already, add to it thunderstorms and very slick roads, and the course became very difficult. The game plan was to fight very hard for position at the front, hold on to position over the 2 climbs, then do what you could after that. 

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com

Devo Race Report – Visegrad 4 Kerekparverseny

Date: July 10, 2021

Race: Visegrad 4 Kerekparverseny (Hungary)

Start/Finish: Budapest to 

Distance: 157 km + 20km neutral

Weather: Warm and windy

Course: Rolling hills with 2 steep climbs in the last 10km

Riders: 144

Class: UCI 1.2

Daniel Holt (USA) – Development Team General Manager

I really wanted the guys to be aggressive about making the break today. Any of them can ride there and it would be a huge confidence boost. Also, given the uncertainty of a 1-day race like this, and the long sections of crosswind after 75km of racing, I figured the break would be a good place to be.

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Tour of Bulgaria – Stage 5, race report

Date: July 5, 2021

Race: Tour of Bulgaria – Stage 5

Start/Finish: Karnobat to Gabrovo

Distance: 188 km

Weather: Warm and windy

Course: Flat with 100km of light crosswinds then a 12km climb

Riders: 126

Class: UCI 2.2

Daniel Holt (USA)

Since it was the last day of the tour, I wanted all of the guys to leave it all on the road. Everyone had the chance to get in the breakaway, and Nathan and Doriand needed to hang on to the lead climbing group as long as possible, and to suffer hard before dropping. In the end, both of our climbers did better than previous stages and Jan was very active to make some breakaways.

Overall, I am very happy with this crew for this race. It’s the first big tour over 3 days that we have finished all of the riders. There was a lot learned here this week. 

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Tour of Bulgaria – Stage 4, race report

Date: July 4, 2021

Race: Tour of Bulgaria – Stage 4

Start/Finish: Sliven to Burgas 

Distance: 108 km

Weather: Warm and windy

Course: Flat with 60km of light crosswinds

Riders: 127

Class: UCI 2.2

Jan Dunnewind (NED)

“I felt good today and was motivated to try for a lead-out train for Filippo and Doriand. I made a mistake though and was in bad position at the one time the race went hard. I won’t make this mistake again.”

Daniel Holt (USA)

“Given that today was a flat day and most likely going to be a field sprint, I wanted the guys to try to do an early leadout train for Filippo and Doriand. That way they could fall back to position in the sprint rather than try to move forward in the sprint. In the end they weren’t able to get organized though.”

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com

Giro Del Medio Brenta, race report

Date: July 4, 2021

Race: Giro del medio Brenta 

Start/Finish: Villa Del Conte, Gallio 

Distance: 171 km

Weather: sunny and hot at the start and rain and cold at the finish 

Course: 110km flat and last 60km Climbs 20km,6km,6km 

Riders: 151

Class: UCI 1.2 

Sergey Lagutin – Development Team Head Coach 

“Today was a very hard race and we all knew that even with our best rider it would be very hard to finish. I decided not to put any pressure on the riders, they only had to try to finish the race or make it to the final circuit. I think they did a very good job by trying to survive as long as possible. Eolo Kometa started puling very hard from the beginning of the climb to make a big selection, and 100 riders did not finish. 

Robbe and Przemyslaw were able to stay longer than anyone in the group but unfortunately the commissar closed the circuit even though it was less than 8% of the time limit. Anyway, I think they all got good experience from today’s race.” 

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com

Tour of Bulgaria – Stage 3, race report

Date: July 3, 2021

Race: Tour of Bulgaria – Stage 3

Start/Finish: Troyan to Sliven

Distance: 199 km

Weather: Warm and windy

Course: 8km climb after 60km, then flat the rest

Riders: 130

Class: UCI 2.2

Louis Evans (GBR)

“My knee has been killing me after the two crashes I had on the opening day. I’m just happy to be here still. Just taking it day by day so I can do my job for the team”

Daniel Holt (USA)

After seeing the guys perform on the opening days, I knew they were capable of taking the race to the other teams. Today’s long and flat stage, after the “queen stage” yesterday, was perfect for a break away. So, I challenged the guys to try to make that group and see where it could take them. After a frantic pace for the first 50km, finally a group of 3 riders were able to get away and we weren’t there. Filippo and Doriand were our sprinters today, but its really hard to position in these races without really strong teams controlling, and they weren’t able to get anything worth noting. Good experience today though.

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com

Tour of Bulgaria – Prologue, race report

Date: July 1, 2021

Race: Tour of Bulgaria – Prologue

Start/Finish: Sofia, Bulgaria

Distance: 1 km

Weather: Hot 

Course: Cobbled roads and very technical

Riders: 144

Class: UCI 2.2

Daniel Holt (USA) -Team Manager

“A technical 1-kilometer time trial is hard to prepare for. Everyone did a pre-ride of the course and got a proper warm-up. Go full gas from the beginning and keep the bike upright!”


Winner – 1:07.97

30th – Filippo Ridolfo @ 7 sec 

40th – Jan Dunnewind @ 8 sec 

58th – Nathan Smith @ 10 sec

72nd – Doriand Percrule @ 11 sec

118th – Ulugbek Saidov @ 16 sec

141st – Louis Evans @ 33 sec

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com

Devo Race Report – In the Footsteps of the Romans – Stage 1

Date: June 28, 2021

Race: In the Footsteps of the Romans – Stage 1

Start/Finish: Bansko, Bulgaria

Distance: 126 km

Weather: Hot with winds

Course: Very flat with open road crosswinds

Riders: 120

Class: UCI 2.2

Nigel De Sota (USA)

“I didn’t want to attack the grupetto, but we were going so slow and a couple other guys wanted to try” 

Daniel Holt (USA)

The plan was to stay very close to the front to set up Nigel for the Novo Nordisk King of the Mountains sprint at the 35km mark. Then everyone should be attentive yet save their energy for the sprint to set up Robbe. The winds didn’t look to be too strong today, but on the open roads, things changed quickly. 

— Xylon Vaneyck to www.teamnovonordisk.com

Behringer happy with the chance to race on home soil at GP Lugano

Team Novo Nordisk head up to the shores of Lake Lugano in Switzerland at the weekend for a return appearance at the prestigious GP Citta di Lugano with home rider Oliver Behringer excited to make his debut in the one-day race.

The world’s first all diabetes team boast a solid history in the 40-year-old race with their best result coming back in 2015 with Javier Megias in 7th followed by back-to-back top 40 finishes by Spanish climber David Lozano in 2016 and 2017.

Lozano will be back on Sunday and leads a strong team with experienced Hungarian Peter Kusztor and Italian sprinter Andrea Peron both back in action.

“Racing at home is always special,” began Behringer. “I know a lot of guys that raced on those laps before and I always wanted to race there, too. I know this area a little bit from previous training camps in this area and it’s going to be a tough race. Being the only Swiss race we will do this year, I want it to be a good one for the team. One we will remember!”

This season is going well so far. I gained a lot of experience and had a good mix of racing and rest. I am sure that in the future this will help me to make another step forward. For now, I hope I can take profit from the race pace of all the previous races and take it as a last hard day before an easier period.”

Young Australian climber Sam Munday comes back into the team after a big block of training in Spain alongside Brit Sam Brand and versatile Italian Umberto Poli complete the line-up and after Joonas Henttala made history by winning the national championships in Finland on Sunday, the team will be carrying extra inspiration onto the lakeside roads.

“For sure this win gave everyone inspiration,” agreed Behringer. “We saw how quickly things can change. He hasn’t had his best season so far, but now we will only remember this win and rightly so. We will keep fighting to create more of these moments to remember.”

Following part of the traditional course from the first edition back in 1981 and part of the World Championships route from 1996, Sunday’s 180 kilometer parcours will be a tough war of attrition that usually whittles down the peloton to an elite bunch who go on to contest the final.

“We’re very happy to be returning to Switzerland for our fourth appearance at GP Citta di Lugano,” said General Manager Vassili Davidenko. “It’s a great race that has been good to us in the past and it’s doubly exciting for us this year as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin and also take to the start line with a home rider, Oliver Behringer.”

“After Joonas’ inspirational victory in the Finnish national championships on Sunday, we have renewed belief in the levels we can reach and what can be achieved by all people affected by diabetes around the world. GP Lugano is a hard race, but it is one that we know well, and we want to show ourselves at the weekend and try our best to be present at the business end of the race.”

Team Novo Nordisk at GP Citta di Lugano, Sunday 27th June:

Oliver Behringer (SUI, 25)

Sam Brand (GBR, 30)

Peter Kusztor (HUN, 36)

David Lozano (ESP, 32)

Sam Munday (AUS, 23)

Andrea Peron (IT, 32)

Umberto Poli (IT, 24)

— Tim Lindley to www.teamnovonordisk.com

Omar Fraile wins maiden Spanish road race championship title – Astana

Omar Fraile wins maiden Spanish road race championship title

Omar Fraile continued Astana – Premier Tech’s dominance at the Spanish national championships, claiming the road race title with an impressive performance and a great display of teamwork, with Alex Aranburu rounding out the podium in third place.

Fraile inherits the jersey from teammate Luis Leon Sanchez in what was an emotional moment for the Basque rider, who secured his first national championship and first win since his Tour de France stage win in 2018.

“I was anxious to raise my arms again. When I crossed the line I didn’t believe it. It had been a long time since I had that special feeling and I did not believe it. That is why I was excited. It was a very hard day, a very demanding circuit, so we tried to control the race with Cofidis so that the break did not go too far. The finale was very crazy with many attacks. We all played our cards, but in the end we decided to try to prepare the sprint for Alex, but when it was time to launch it, I was a little stronger and I was able to get the victory,” said Fraile.


“It was 100 percent a team effort today because all six of us worked as one so a big thank you to the riders and staff of the team. Now I will start the Tour de France with special motivation and a lot of confidence.”

Astana – Premier Tech took control of the race and helped bring the breakaway back approaching the final 40 kilometres, at which point Ion Izagirre attacked from the reduced bunch and rode into the race lead with 35 kilometres to go.

Attack after attack played out in the last hour of racing with the race lead constantly changing. After Izagirre’s move was neutralized, Fraile attacked and was joined by two riders with 28 kilometres to go. The group grew in size with Sanchez joining Fraile at the front before the defending champion launched a move with one lap to go.

In the end, the groups came back together with 12 kilometres remaining, at which point Astana – Premier Tech had strong representation with Fraile, Sanchez, Izagirre, and Aranburu all there. The quartet, who had shown incredible teamwork all day, alongside teammates Javier Romo and Oscar Rodriguez, took responsibility in the finale with Sanchez and Izagirre setting the pace inside the final five kilometres.

Under the flamme rouge, Sanchez put the pressure on, with Fraile and Aranburu in his wheel, and as he peeled off with 500 metres to go, Fraile hit the front. Fraile started his sprint immediately and despite the distance to the finish line, he showed phenomenal strength to not only hold the lead but establish a gap with 150 metres to go.

The Basque rider had enough time to look over his shoulder, sit up and raise his arms in triumph as he took the victory ahead of Jesus Herrada and Aranburu, who sprinted to third place.

Fraile’s win secures a Spanish championship double for Astana – Premier Tech after Izagirre took the honours in the time trial for the second time in his career.


Spanish National Championships – Road Race (183km)

Top 3: 1. Omar Fraile, 2. Jesus Herrada (Cofidis, Solutions Credits), 3. Alex Aranburu

Photo: RFEClismo

— Phoebe Haymes to www.astanapremiertech.com