Things we’ve learned at Giro Donne 🇮🇹 – Rally Cycling


1 I’ve learned a lot about myself and how capable my body is to suffer. The most important thing I’ve learned is how important it is for recovery immediately. Shower, food, water, massage. – KATIE

2 Italian wine, cheese, and baked goods are delizio but the WiFi, not so bené – HOLLY.

3 I’ve learned that a good international SIM card is essential. – KRISTA

4 It’s important to go day by day and not be too upset if you had a bad day. You shouldn’t ignore the causes, but you should look ahead for the next days and opportunities, and stay positive and motivated! – CLARA

— Sam Wiebe to rallycycling.com

Lessons learned and experience gained for Team Novo Nordisk at the Belgium Tour

Sport Director Gennady Mikhaylov:

“This has certainly been a week of experience gained for us. We need to do more of this style of racing to help us develop and progress. The teamwork and support we showed for each other this week have been excellent and for me, that’s almost as important as the results.”

“It’s a shame we missed out on the breakaway today, but we tried repeatedly, and it ended up going very late, after 30 kilometres of racing and we just missed the move. It’s not easy when it’s like that, we wanted very much to be up the road today and sharing our message.”

“I prefer to look at the positive and the positive are the first points I made. The experience gained and the lessons learned. They’re the things we need to carry forward from this race.”

Peter Kusztor (HUN):

“Yes, that’s true. Our target was to go in the breakaway and we were disappointed when we didn’t manage it, but afterwards we tried to regroup and finish as well as we possibly could.”

“Today was a pure sprinters stage, not for skinny guys like me and without an out and out sprinter here we were always going to be outsiders for this kind of stage. We can go away with our head held high though, after a good week of racing we are in a positive place ahead if our next objective in Switzerland.”

— tnn to www.teamnovonordisk.com