Israel Start-Up Nation launches special jersey for the Giro d’Italia

Patrick Bevin: “I like this one. I think it’s a really cool design. It’s a nice gesture to change the kit for our Italian sponsor Vini Fantini while racing the Giro. I really think it looks great!”

Valentino Sciotti, President of Fantini Group: “We thank Sylvan [Adams, co-owner], Ron [Baron, co-owner] and the whole team for this beautiful gift. It’s a tremendous opportunity for us to be under the spotlight in the most important race in Italy. We will live this moment with immense joy and as a further incentive to love this sport even more.”

Aviad Izrael, Founder and Director of Jinga: “Wine, Italy and cycling – three things we all love! The Giro-Fantini project is one of our all-time favorite projects. The sweet blend of wine with the ISN colors, items that were carefully developed with feedback from the best riders in the world, and of course it was a lot of fun at the design table! We are excited to introduce this limited-edition set for the cycling world to enjoy. Good ride, good wine, good times.”

— MC to israelcyclingacademy.com