Greipel: “This is the best tire I’ve ever had”

Maxxis has been a part of Israel Start-Up Nation’s journey for the past three years. Together with the team, the company has evolved to reach one of highest levels in the sport. This is not by accident. Maxxis and ISN have a special connection, with both parties eager to help develop the best possible tires.

We always send Maxxis our feedback about the tires and any ideas we may have on how to improve them and they always react immediately. It’s the perfect synergy really,” says ISN mechanic Zoran Pohrebny.

The fact that the ISN riders can also offer their input and help improve the tires is a valuable asset that has resulted in the new High Road team-edition tire that the team is using during the Tour de France this year. “It’s a super-fast tire that performs really well in the rain too as it has a great grip,” Pohrebny explains.

— MC to israelcyclingacademy.com