Israel Start-Up Nation brings two Israeli riders to Vuelta a España

Guy Niv and Itamar Einhorn have made it to the Vuelta-selection for the Israel Start-Up Nation team. It is the second time the Israeli team has brought two Israeli riders to a Grand Tour.


For Niv, La Vuelta means his second Grand Tour this season, after having finished the Giro d’Italia earlier this year. For Itamar Einhorn, the Vuelta a España means his first Grand Tour participation.

Israelis take on Vuelta full-heartedly

Co-owner Sylvan Adams says the selection of two Israeli riders for a 21-day-stage-race validates our efforts in developing Israeli cyclists. “Each will have a different role on ISN’s eight-man squad”, Adams says. “Guy, ISN’s most experienced Grand Tour-rider, is largely a breakaway stage hunter, while Itamar will be the team’s principal sprinter. I for one am excited to see what they can do over the three-week race. Y’alla, all of Israel is behind you!”

The 23-year-old Einhorn says he is ‘obviously’ very excited to race his first Grand Tour. The sprinter: “Riding a Grand Tour is a challenge and I think I can do it. I feel good, I feel ready, and I feel really motivated. It looks like this year it has pretty good options for the sprint.”

Niv says he will take on the ‘double Grand Tour challenge’ with a full heart. “I look at it as an honor and an opportunity. I will do everything to turn this into a great three weeks, to look for opportunities to fight for a win from a breakaway, and also to help my friend and teammate Itamar Einhorn in his first Grand Tour.”

‘Big opportunities for Israeli riders’

 Oscar Guerrero and Zak Dempster, two of the three sports directors for ISN in the Vuelta, say that the Vuelta comes at the right time in Einhorn’s career. “There are plenty of sprints for him to learn his craft and fight for results and, of course, it’s an important step in his career which should help him to progress.”

About Niv the two sports directors say: “Guy, after having made big steps in the last two seasons, now has the chance to take an even bigger step forward with complete freedom to enter breaks and fight for real results. It’s a big opportunity for him at this stage of his career.”

Chris Froome not in line-up

Chris Froome will not compete in La Vuelta. Froome, winner of the Spanish stage race in 2011 and 2017, has not fully recovered from the Tour de France. According to ISN’s team manager Kjell Carlström, it does not make sense to start with Froome.

“Froome is not completely ready for another Grand Tour. With an alternative race plan, Chris will have a few more weeks to get ready for the rest of the season. He will race some shorter stage races.”

Sep Vanmarcke and Davide Cimolai as experienced riders to Vuelta

In addition to Israelis Niv and Einhorn, Sep Vanmarcke and Davide Cimolai make their way to Burgos. Also, Danish national champion Mads Würtz Schmidt, Canadians Alex Cataford and James Piccoli, and Australian U-23 rider Sebastian Berwick start La Vuelta.

Guerrero: “For us, the most important thing is that we are specific on the days that suit our guys. We’re not going in with a GC guy so that opens up so many opportunities for every rider on the team to have their day to really target a stage (or two or three).”

Our sprinters are also up to the challenge. Davide Cimolai and Itamar Einhorn will be dividing up the sprint duties, depending on how they feel each day. Cimolai showed us his good form in the Giro d’Italia earlier this year, with three second-places in bunch sprints, while Einhorn has a win since coming back from a knee injury.



Vuelta a España (14/08 – 05/09):

  • Itamar Einhorn – Israel
  • Mads Würtz Schmidt – Denmark
  • Sep Vanmarcke – Belgium
  • Guy Niv – Israel
  • Davide Cimolai – Italy
  • Sebastian Berwick – Australia
  • Alexander Cataford – Canada
  • James Piccoli – Canada

Sports directors: Oscar Guerrero, Claudio Cozzi & Zak Dempster

— Sjors Beukeboom to israelcyclingacademy.com

‘Outstanding Goldstein’ breaks away, shows Israeli colors for 160 kilometers in Tour de France

After stage thirteen in the Tour de France, Omer Goldstein is officially the first Israeli rider to make it into a breakaway.

During his unforgettable day in front, with two breakaway companions, the Israeli ITT champion took second place on a KOM and won an intermediate sprint.

Compliments all over the place

At the bus, Goldstein only received compliments, pats on the back, and high-fives. “I was warmly received at the bus,” a satisfied Goldstein smiled.

Rik Verbrugghe, Israel Start-Up Nation’s sports director called Goldstein ‘outstanding’ after the finish. “Omer showed a lot of courage and power today, after many hard stages this Tour.”

Combativity award

Goldstein knew it would only be a small chance that the break would make it to the finish on the flat parcours, with sprinters aiming to contest the victory. That’s why he started to attack early, in order to claim the combativity award.

That award would bring him to the top step of the Tour de France podium.

He and the French rider Pierre Latour attacked each other multiple times during a battle where their third breakaway companion was the third victim. After a few attacks from both, the two buried the hatchet and warmly shook each other’s hands, thanking one another for their long efforts in the break.

Late break takes the award

“I would have loved to wear the red bib numbers tomorrow,” Goldstein said after having spent 160 of the 220 kilometers in the front of the race. Unfortunately for the Israeli rider, the award was given to a French rider who joined the attack after Goldstein was caught.

The astonishing Goldstein did look back on a great day on the roads in France. “I enjoyed the fans alongside the road, the scenery, and the battle for the award.”

‘I am not done yet’

He’s keen on trying again in the next few days. “I tried multiple times this Tour already, but only today it properly worked out. I hope to be in a winning break next time I go for it.”

“I would like to give it another go in the race days that are left this Tour, however, I do need to recover after today’s efforts. My legs hurt, and I am happy when I can go and get my massage.”

‘A showcase of talent’

Cycling commentators and analysers tend to say it was one of the hardest first weeks in the modern history of the Tour de France, and Verbrugghe tends to agree with that.

Verbrugghe: “That Omer is able to showcase his talent during a stage like this, shows once again the Israeli riders are a core part of our team.”

ISN’s top finisher was André Greipel, who claimed eighth place in the mass sprint in Carcassonne.

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— Sjors Beukeboom to israelcyclingacademy.com