Human Powered Health names Hyperice as its Official Recovery Partner – Rally Cycling

Human Powered Health™ is excited to announce Hyperice as its Official Recovery Partner for 2022. The news is a further indication of the team’s pledge to build a collection of like-minded partners committed to empowering people to take control of their own physical and mental well-being.

The partnership renewal means that the riders will continue to benefit from the many products in the company’s line that aid in an athlete’s recovery and mobility both on race day and in training. 

“With our most recent evolution into a holistic high-performance wellness brand, it’s important to be aligned with partners such as Human Powered Health, who preach the same message,” said Jessica Miller, Director of Partnerships – Endurance at Hyperice. 

Hyperice offers a full suite of performance recovery products including the popular Bluetooth-enabled Hypervolt percussive massage tool, the Normatec recovery boots, the Vyper vibrating roller, Hypersphere vibration ball and the Core immersive meditation system.

Not everyone has access to a trained soigneur, so innovative technologies such as Hyperice’s are important to help alleviate muscle soreness when people are on the move. This portability and championing of mental and physical well-being is why the brand is so well aligned with the core values of Human Powered Health.

“We’re pleased to continue working with Hyperice as the Official Recovery Partner of Human Powered Health,” said Charles Aaron, Managing Director and Founder of Circuit Sport. “Their products and company support our goals of helping people achieve better health and strength.”

The harder someone trains, the more important mental and physical preparation and recovery becomes. This is where Hyperice’s muscle loosening products and calming meditation technologies come into their own. 

“Our products help individuals take control of their physical and mental well-being and help them prioritize recovery as part of their everyday routine,” added Miller. “It’s simple. Well-rounded athletes tend to be happier and perform better.”

With less than two months until Human Powered Health’s first official gathering in Portugal, keep your eyes peeled for additional partnership news that will shape 2022 and beyond.

About Hyperice

Hyperice is a technology-driven company with a giant mission, to help everyone on Earth move and live better. For more than a decade, Hyperice has led a global movement at the confluence of recovery and wellness, specializing in percussion (Hypervolt line), dynamic air compression (Normatec line), vibration (Vyper and Hypersphere lines), thermal technology (Venom line), mind technology (Core by Hyperice) and contrast therapy (Hyperice X). Now, as a holistic high-performance wellness brand, Hyperice is designed for all – from the most elite athletes, leagues and teams to consumers everywhere looking to unlock the best version of themselves to help them do what they love, more. Recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2021, Hyperice has applied its technology and know-how to industries including fitness, hospitality, healthcare, massage, physical therapy, sports performance and workplace wellness on a global scale. Hyperice’s transformative acquisitions of Normatec, RecoverX and Core have helped to accelerate its innovation agenda as it enters its next stage of global growth. For more information, visit the newly redesigned hyperice.com.

— Oskar Scarsbrook to rallycycling.com

Eri Yonamine joins Human Powered Health – Rally Cycling

Human Powered Health have completed their women’s roster for 2022 with the signing of domestique Eri Yonamine. The 30-year-old from Osaka is the team’s first ever Japanese rider and joins from Team TIBCO – SVB. 

Yonamine has raced on Women’s WorldTour teams in the past and is a huge boost for Human Powered Health as the team applies for a license to cycling’s top table. 

“I’m excited to be part of a US-based team,” Yonamine said from her hometown in Japan. “It will be great to be in the WorldTour next year and be part of an international roster as Human Powered Health takes this big step.”

The strong rider who thrives during tough races was attracted to Human Powered Health thanks, in part, to the exemplary development of its men’s team.

“I felt that the men’s team was doing well and was developing in Europe year by year, so I feel that the women’s team also has the same potential.” 

It’s been a difficult season for the Netherlands-based rider who has been struggling with iliac artery endofibrosis, a thickening of the iliac artery, a condition found more in cyclists than other sportspeople. Following her surgery in October, Yonamine began regaining her on-bike strength but found team attitudes towards rehabilitation tricky. 

“The surgery made it difficult to get a contract with a new team,” explained Yonamine. “But Human Powered Health opened the door for me and gave me an opportunity. 

“I’m looking forward to riding symptom free and I’m excited to race with young riders who have lots of potential,” she added. 

Yonamine has won a combined 11 national road and time trial titles since 2013 and represented Japan in her home Olympics this summer, something she describes as a huge honor. Her streak was broken in October due to the aforementioned surgery, but Yonamine is sure she will “try to get it back.”

A committed teammate, the Japanese finds motivation by sharing in another rider’s victory.  

“I can’t win the race, but we can win,” she explains. “I can do something to help a teammate win and that has always motivated me to be a good rider.”

This selfless team ethic is something that women’s team director Joanne Kiesanowski particularly appreciates in Yonamine.

“Eri can bring her years of experience and teamwork in the Euro peloton to us,” said Kiesanowski. “Human Powered Health will provide her with the opportunity to keep on proving herself as an all around racer and she will fit in with her friendly attitude.”

Off the bike Yonamine is well known for her elaborate race tweets (this writer hopes he’s not out of a job), and social media posts about her cooking and coffee expertise. 

The team looks forward to welcoming Yonamine to its line-up in 2022. This brings an end to the women’s team signings for Human Powered Health. Their first official gathering will be a training camp in Portugal this January.

Women’s team roster 2022
Nina Buijsman
Henrietta Christie
Katie Clouse
Mieke Kröger
Evy Kuijpers
Makayla MacPherson
Barbara Malcotti
Marit Raaijmakers
Olivia Ray
Kaia Schmid
Lily Williams
Eri Yonamine

— Oskar Scarsbrook to rallycycling.com

Human Powered Health announces Wahoo Fitness as its official movement partner – Rally Cycling

Human Powered Health is pleased to announce Wahoo Fitness as its official movement partner for 2022. The partnership, which began in 2020, is a natural fit because the pair share the belief that healthy habits and active living can improve people’s overall health and well-being.

The Atlanta-based company will provide the team with its award-winning line of sensors and devices so that Human Powered Health athletes can stay on top of their valuable race and training data. 

The product line includes the KICKR family of smart indoor trainers and accessories, ELEMNT GPS bike computers and watches, TICKR heart rate monitors, Speedplay dual-sided pedals, and the SYSTM structured training app with its Pro Ride Series.

“Wahoo’s partnership with Human Powered Health is in direct alignment with our core values,” said Wahoo Fitness athlete liaison and ex-professional rider Ian Boswell. “In parallel with the mission of the Human Powered Health professional cycling team, Wahoo believes that purposeful movement makes us better humans, and nowhere is that better displayed than with this partnership.”

Measuring an active lifestyle journey with products such as the ones developed by Wahoo Fitness is why the brand fits in the Human Powered Health ecosystem so well.  

“We’re delighted to have Wahoo Fitness as the official movement partner of Human Powered Health because they share in our message that active lives lead to healthier people,” said Charles Aaron, managing director and founder of Circuit Sport. “As a leading brand in endurance sports, our athletes, and our fans, will benefit from the vast knowledge and research that goes into their products.”

These technologies are used by both professional and amateur athletes alike as tools to succeed and thrive towards a happy, healthy life.  

“Together we aim to inspire people to become the healthiest and best version of themselves through smart training with our hardware and software, giving individuals the ability to track one’s metrics and performance,” Boswell added. 

Keep a look out for further partnership announcements in the coming weeks as Human Powered Health builds towards lift-off in 2022. 

— Oskar Scarsbrook to rallycycling.com

A platform at the intersection of health, wellness, and sports – Rally Cycling

Building on 15 years of bringing the best of North American cycling to a global audience, Circuit Sport announces a powerful reimagining of what a racing team can stand for. The new team — and the movement it aims to ignite — will be known as Human Powered Health™.

Human Powered Health will be a wellness platform built to empower people to take control of their own physical and mental well-being. It will spread the message that cultivating healthier habits and living a more active lifestyle can lead to dramatic improvements in health and wellness. 

“Human Powered Health represents more than racing, more than athletics,” said Charles Aaron, managing director and founder of Circuit Sport. “It’s about reminding people that they have more power over their health than they think. We want to support people, mind and body, and use our platform to inspire them to take small, simple steps towards greater health and well-being.”

In previous iterations of its teams, Circuit Sport has continually gone beyond the traditional sports marketing model with health and wellness-minded campaigns like Inspired Bikes, Body Positivity, Healthy Habits, and Longevity

That will expand and evolve as the Human Powered Health platform grows into a hub for health and wellness content with its athletes as the main mouthpiece. New brand partnerships will allow the team to incorporate data analytics across sleep, nutrition, movement, and health care to support its followers on their health journey. 

The team will also launch a Discord channel that will serve as a hub for fans, partners and clients interested in all things Human Powered Health. Hosted by the team and with regular appearances by professional riders, the channel will be a place to share ideas on how to live healthier lifestyles.

Building for the future

Human Powered Health joins the Women’s WorldTour in 2022. It is the realization of a dream that began 10 years ago with the formation of the women’s program. The move makes Human Powered Health the first co-ed team to send its women to the top division of the sport before its men.

Following a sensational season that included victories in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, France, and Turkey, the men’s program continues in the ProTeam ranks with its sights set firmly on the WorldTour. 

“We couldn’t take this step without the support of our partners and their shared vision for the future,” added Aaron. “We’ve shown our ability to win bike races around the world but what sustains us is creating connections and empowering people.”

Circuit Sport is currently aligning with brands that stand for something bigger than their product, a vital step to building the foundation of Human Powered Health for years to come. These brands, which will be announced in the coming weeks, share the belief that our collective health matters. 

In a world navigating a pandemic, and where obesity and heart disease are at all-time highs, there has never been a more important time for each of us to invest in our health and inspire those around us to do the same. Building connections and sharing encouragement and knowledge are pivotal to empowering people to lead healthier lives.

— Tom Soladay to rallycycling.com