There is an important partner for the new Drone Hopper Androni Giocattoli. Work Service Group, in fact, will be alongside the team in 2022, thus following up the partnership started in 2021 with the team of Gianni Savio and Marco Bellini. Savio himself comments in this regard: «We are proud to have renewed the agreement with such an important company. The president and director Massimo Levorato is an intelligent and passionate entrepreneur who appreciated the results we achieved during the season and the great visibility offered to his brand».
The contract, signed at the Work Service Group headquarters in Padua, provides for the presence of the company brand – which deals with services ranging from logistics to industrial maintenance and construction – on the jerseys and shorts of the team’s riders.
Massimo Levorato is also satisfied with the renewal of the partnership, who sees in continuity «a relationship made of esteem and friendship». Then the owner of Work Service Group goes further: «For years we have been helping to train athletes in the youth categories with our teams who then take off towards professionalism. With Drone Hopper Androni Giocattoli we like to think that for some of them there may be a “familiar” landing. In addition to pure support for the team, I really hope that some young rider from the nursery will take up space and can think of having continuity with an important team such as Drone Hopper Androni Giocattoli».

— Team Androni Sidermec to teamandronisidermec.com

ISN keeps its core Israeli group

Guy Sagiv: “I think the past year has been a turning point for the group. We Israelis have been given opportunities and leading positions due to the fact that we are truly riding at the level of the rest of the team, and not because we are the Israelis on an Israeli team. I expect this trend to continue, I expect to see the next generation coming up in our wake, and very much hope that the number of Israeli riders will increase.

“If I were to step out of the routine and look at things from a different perspective, outside of my own head, it feels even more special. Seeing and experiencing from the inside, the change the team has gone through from its first year as a small Continental team until now, as a WorldTour team at such a level, is just amazing.”’

Itamar Einhorn: “I am proud to continue with all my Israeli teammates, showing we are on the rise. I was able to up my game and got rewarded with a victory. Now, I feel that the sky is the limit for me.”

Guy Niv:We saw a big improvement in the Israeli riders on the team over the last year, with achievements and results that we had not seen before, and I am convinced that in the coming year the trend will continue, and we will see much bigger things. Personally, in the coming season, I will be looking to continue to improve and move forward. I look forward to supporting the team and contributing to results in the big races as well as getting a chance in a smaller race to lead and try to win.”

Omer Goldstein: “I am very glad to continue with the team next year. I believe I have the chance to take another leap forward and I’m committed to keeping getting better.”

Also the young Israeli riders from the development team, Israel Cycling Academy, have shown impressive progress this season. Next year, they will continue to get a chance to ride with ISN in order to improve and develop and to take advantage of the big momentum that Israeli cycling is seeing at the moment.

ICA Team Manager, Aviad Izrael: “Our Israeli riders on the Israel Cycling Academy have proven themselves worthy of riding with the ISN WT team this year. I expect they will get plenty of more opportunities to do so again in 2022.”

— MC to israelcyclingacademy.com