A sprint into Mortegliano with minds on Monte Matajur 🇮🇹 – Rally Cycling

We had a simple mission today; stay safe, save energy for tomorrow. The day began fast[4], with the leading GC teams unwilling to let anything go – and it took around half the race before a break finally went away. We battled hard to get into the move but ultimately missed out. The break was reeled in on the final finishing circuit by the main sprint teams. With the help of Poido, Clara was able to stay safe deep into the final, crossing the line in the peloton with the other general classification riders. Now, we refocus and get ready for tomorrow – the queen stage of the race. Mission accomplished.[6]

— Tom Owen to rallycycling.com

Things we’ve learned at Giro Donne 🇮🇹 – Rally Cycling


1 I’ve learned a lot about myself and how capable my body is to suffer. The most important thing I’ve learned is how important it is for recovery immediately. Shower, food, water, massage. – KATIE

2 Italian wine, cheese, and baked goods are delizio but the WiFi, not so bené – HOLLY.

3 I’ve learned that a good international SIM card is essential. – KRISTA

4 It’s important to go day by day and not be too upset if you had a bad day. You shouldn’t ignore the causes, but you should look ahead for the next days and opportunities, and stay positive and motivated! – CLARA

— Sam Wiebe to rallycycling.com

Mixed fortunes in the Donne mountain time trial 🇮🇹 – Rally Cycling

Today’s course took us high into the Formazza valley, settled by German-speakers in the 13th Century – and where Walser German[2] is still spoken by many . The race of truth gives you nowhere to hide, but our women dug deep and powered through a very difficult course. Our early best time was set by Poido who crossed in 30’35”, before Krista came through the line in a hot 28’58”[3]. Clara started last of our six riders, bringing it home in 29’07”. When the results were posted, we discovered Holly was outside the time limit by 16 seconds, and would not be allowed to start the following stage – a reminder of how cruel our sport can be.

— Tom Owen to rallycycling.com

A fiery Giro d’Italia Donne opener 🇮🇹

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Stage 1
Fossano – Cuneo

Hot summer sun, strong enough to crack the flagstones. A little breeze.
Green Piemontese fields. Mountains in every direction on the horizon.
Straight and flat, but with technical sections through smaller rural villages.
A frenetic team time trial, we were the tenth team scheduled off the ramp.[1] With the Italian sun beating down, our riders hunkered in the shade[2] as much as possible. Some riders devised innovative cooling techniques[3]. Then it was time for the action. A downhill and technical start was followed by a short climb. After negotiating the first half of the stage as a tight formation of six[4], the team lost one rider, followed by a second – but were able to finish the course strong with the required four.

Team director Joanne Kiesanowski going over details of the course with the riders
Katie Clouse gets ready for her first Giro Donne


“It’s like ‘Alright, I got one job and this is what I need to do’. You take a deep breath, and hope your pull is hard enough and strong enough.”
  The squad are momentarily distracted from the day’s goal when a cute pup barges into the breakfast room.
  A brutally-fast start saps some of the energy from the team’s legs.
  Holly Breck puts in one final turn, before pulling off – job complete.
  Our four riders cross the line in a time of 37’34”, good enough for 18th place.


Riders negotiate a roundabout as fans cheer them on
We cross the line with a time of 37’34”
It’s good enough for 18th place, with a 3’53” time loss to the stage winners
The race heads immediately into the mountains on stage two. You can watch live on GCN+ for the final 15km, which tomorrow should comprise most of the Prato Nevoso climb. It will be epic.

— Tom Owen to rallycycling.com