Chapeau, Fumy – EF Pro Cycling

After 17 years of racing, Fumy Beppu is retiring from the peloton. The first cyclist from Japan to race in the WorldTour, Beppu is a former multiple road and time trial national champion, Asian road champion, and a faithful teammate. He’s one of a handful of riders to have raced the biggest events in the sport: the Olympics, the World Championships, all five Monuments, and all three Grand Tours.   We sat down with Fumy to discuss retiring, the future of the sport in Japan, riding to the moon, and his future plans.


How do you feel about your decision to retire?


Pretty good! When I was younger, that would have been a harder decision to end my career but now it’s pretty clear. I’ve had a 17-year professional career. I’m not really tired but now is the time. These last two years have been a difficult time with less racing and having to stay at home. I was thinking, “What am I doing?” I was bored. Training and competition, sure, they’re important but it’s not the same as before. Before I was busier, always looking forward, looking to the next year and to the future beyond but now I’ve been looking back and I see that I have done everything, so this is a good time to stop racing. I calculated the distance from my training logs and my training kilometers alone are the distance to the moon. Some people think about how many laps around the planet, but I went to the moon. I can keep riding but not at the professional level so I decided to stop. Now I want to create the next chapter of my life.


— Johannes Mansson to www.efprocycling.com