Matej Mohorič and Sonny Colbrelli Renew Contracts with Bahrain Victorious

Bahrain Victorious are pleased to announce the contract renewals of Matej Mohorič and Sonny Colbrelli in multi-year deals. Both winners of their national championships had stellar seasons in 2021.

Mohorič secured two stage wins at the Tour de France and became only the 102nd rider to win a stage at all three grand tours: ” I’ve been a long-standing rider with this team and always trusted the project. This year I think we finally proved that we are one of the best teams in the world.

We have definitely got great support as a group of riders from all the staff, and we work hard to be here. After a great year, It’s never crossed my mind to change the environment I work in, and I’m very happy with the team and feels like a second family to me. It takes hard work to get to the level we performed at this season, and I’m confident we can continue this in the future and try and win bike races.”

Sonny Colbrelli had a monumental season, winning the first wet Paris-Roubaix in 20 years, securing the European Championship, the GC at Benelux Tour, and multiple stage wins:  “I’m happy to continue and stay in a team that is like a family to me. I’m one of the few riders wearing this jersey since 2017, the very first season, debuting in the WorldTour with Bahrain and arriving up to this stunning season. I can say I grew up with this group, and I must be more than thankful.

I’m now where I am, also due to the support and trust that I’ve always felt. Mainly, I want to thank His Highness Shaikh Nasser for the ongoing support in good and bad times. Feeling his faith, it’s something that makes me so proud. I’m honoured to continue wearing this team’s jersey for more years, aiming to take further prestigious successes together.”Milan Erzen, Team Managing Director: “We are really happy to have Matej and Sonny remain part of the Bahrain Victorious family. They have shown incredible dedication this season which shows from their amazing results. We hope to continue working hard and having more success in the coming seasons.”

— Simona Mazzoleni to bahraincyclingteam.com

Colbrelli to lead Bahrain Victorious at GranPiemonte

With only a few more races remaining for the 2021 season, Sonny Colbrelli leads Bahrain Victorious at GranPiemonte following his heroic win at Paris-Roubaix.

The one day race on Thursday 7th is one Colbrelli has already tasted victory back in 2018.

The race is usually designed for the fast men, like this 105th edition, with a course almost flat that will run from Rocca Canavese to Borgosesia (168 km) in the Piedmont Region, Italy.

An initial hilly but not demanding part shouldn’t prevent the sprinter’s teams from efficiently controlling the breakaway to finish in a bunch sprint, after the final 35 km circuit that doesn’t feature particular difficulties or technical sections.

Alberto Volpi, Bahrain Victorious SD: “All our riders will have the role to support the captain Sonny Colbrelli. He’s coming from the biggest success of his career and a very demanding race as the Roubaix. Therefore obviously, how he has recovered will be crucial. But the race suits him, and our goal is the win. To take it, we will try to race intelligently, avoiding stressful situations for our leader, protecting him throughout the race so that he can save energies for the final sprint”.

Bahrain Victorious lineup for GranPiemonte: Santiago Buitrago, Sonny Colbrelli, Domen Novak, Mark Padun, Hermann Pernsteiner, Dylan Teuns, Stevie Williams.

— Simona Mazzoleni to bahraincyclingteam.com

Sonny Colbrelli wins Paris-Roubaix – Team Bahrain

It’s a historical victory for Bahrain Victorious as Sonny Colbrelli took the Queen of the Classics. The most brutal race on the calendar and the most awaited after an absence of more than a year.

At his first appearance at the Paris-Roubaix the reigning European Champion put on an impressive performance across the 55Km of wet and muddy cobblestones, spread over the 257.7km legendary course from Compiègne to the velodrome of Roubaix, where he outsprinted his companions of a late attack Florian Vermeersch (Lotto Soudal) and Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin Fenix).

Paris Roubaix 2021 -118th Edition – Denain – Roubaix 257,7 km – 03/10/2021 – Sonny Colbrelli (ITA – Bahrain Victorious) – photo Etienne Garnier/BettiniPhoto©2021.

Sonny Colbrelli: “It was my first Roubaix, and I can’t still believe I won it. This morning I couldn’t think about a win. I started without any pressure, I just wanted to have fun on a race I always dreamt about. I felt well and better km after km. So I wanted to try to take my opportunity, attacking maybe a bit early, but I learned watching past editions that it was a good moment to try. I worked well with Van der Poel, and I was also lucky not to have any bad luck, any puncture or mechanical. I almost crashed a few times, but I was very focused to stay up. Then I gave everything that I had left to take the win. I’m speechless. I can’t believe I won the Roubaix. I want to dedicate it to my family, the whole team and my fans. It has been a fantastic season for me so far”.

The 118th edition didn’t disappoint those looking for an epic day. After almost twenty years since the last time, it was pouring rain at the start and all along the first half of the course.

Bahrain Victorious team was among the most active, with two riders in the breakaway earlier in the race, Fred Wright and Marco Haller. The experienced Heinrich Haussler also showed how much this race is his favourite one, finishing his 15th Roubaix in tears for the happiness of this team’s success and finishing in the top ten.

Paris Roubaix 2021 -118th Edition – Denain – Roubaix 257,7 km – 03/10/2021 – Sonny Colbrelli (ITA – Bahrain Victorious) – Mathieu Van Der Poel (NED – Alpecin-Fenix) – Florian Vermeersch (BEL – Lotto Soudal) – photo Luca Bettini/BettiniPhoto©2021

Head of Performance, Roger Hammond: “No words we can say to describe this fantastic achievement for Sonny. The performance he did was outstanding. It was a combination of a lot of hard work of many people in the team. You have to be prepared to face a race like Roubaix taking care of every aspect and the unexpected. Everybody in the team, including the staff members, did everything perfectly and as planned. From the team car, Rolf Aldag and I gave suggestions to Sonny, particularly for the sprint as at Roubaix is not normal. But he was very confident and he took the victory of a lifetime”.

Paris Roubaix 2021 -118th Edition – Denain – Roubaix 257,7 km – 03/10/2021 – Sonny Colbrelli (ITA – Bahrain Victorious) – photo Luca Bettini/BettiniPhoto©2021

(All pictures can be used for editorial and non-commercial usages only and are copyright @Bettiniphoto @TeamBahrainVictorious)

— Simona Mazzoleni to bahraincyclingteam.com

Memorial Pantani: Colbrelli avisa antes del Mundial

Redacción / Ciclo 21



Edición 2020: Fabio Felline



Dorsales y palmarés tras la publicidad



5 KUDUS Merhawi
7 BOARO Manuele

11 NOVAK Domen
12 PADUN Mark
14 WILLIAMS Steven

21 MOSCON Gianni
22 GOLAS Michal
23 SWIFT Ben
26 SOSA Iván
27 PUCCIO Salvatore

31 PEDRERO Antonio
32 RUBIO Einer
33 VILLELLA Davide
34 SAMITIER Sergio
35 CATALDO Dario
37 SOLER Marc

41 MIRZA Yousif
42 RIABUSHENKO Aleksandr
43 ULISSI Diego
44 COSTA Rui
45 GAVIRIA Fernando
46 COVI Alessandro
47 TRENTIN Matteo

53 RESTREPO Jonathan
54 CEPEDA Jefferson Alexander
55 BAIS Mattia
56 TESFAZION Natnael
57 MUÑOZ Daniel

61 GABBURO Davide
62 FIORELLI Filippo
63 COVILI Luca
64 CARBONI Giovanni
65 ZANA Filippo
66 CANAVERAL Johnatan
67 MAGLI Filippo

72 MADRAZO Ángel
73 CANTON Isaac
76 SANCHEZ Pelayo
77 OKAMIKA Anders

81 BELLETTI Manuel
82 GAVAZZI Francesco
83 ALBANESE Vincenzo
84 BAIS Davide
85 FORTUNATO Lorenzo
87 HERNAIZ Vicente

92 MARTIN Gotzon
93 ANGULO Antonio
95 BRAVO Garikoitz
96 LOBATO Juan José
97 JUARISTI Txomin

101 BURGAUDEAU Mathieu
102 GENIEZ Alexandre
103 DE LA PARTE Víctor
104 DOUBEY Fabien
105 GRELLIER Fabien
106 FERRON Valentin
107 RODRÍGUEZ Cristian

111 IACCHI Alessandro
112 DI RENZO Andrea
113 ZARDINI Edoardo
114 ORRICO Davide
116 PEARSON Daniel
117 FERRI Gregorio

121 DE MARCHI Alessandro
122 SBARAGLI Kristian
123 PICCOLO Andrea
124 BELLERI Michael
125 DAPPORTO Davide
126 CALZONI Walter
127 FEDELI Alessandro

132 TIZZA Marco
133 SENNI Manuel
134 TOTO Paolo
135 CASSARA’ Giacomo
136 BENEDETTI Mattia
137 PIRAZZI Stefano

141 DE PRETTO Davide
142 PESENTI Thomas
143 FREDDI Matteo
144 PARISINI Nicolò
145 CHIARI Federico
146 GRENDENE Marco
147 CRETTI Luca

151 NESI Nicolas
152 ISLAMI Besnik
153 ROBERTI Luca
154 SMARZARO Daniel
155 BILYI Maksym
156 PERIC Voijslav
157 QUARTUCCI Lorenzo

161 MARTINI Davide
162 POZZA Ettore
163 TOSIN Riccardo
165 BASEGGIO Matteo
166 LUCCA Riccardo

171 DIMA Emil
172 ONESTI Emanuele
173 GUARDINI Andrea
174 –
175 BROGI Adriano
176 YUSTRE Kristian
177 FILOSI Iuri

181 PENCEDANO Nicolò
182 WRIGHT Paul
183 DOUBLE Paul
184 CAROLLO Francesco
185 SALVIETTI Niccolò
186 MARTINELLI Edoardo
187 DRAGHI Guido

191 UMBRI Gidas
192 GOMES Nicolas
193 PLEBANI Nicola
194 MARTINELLI Alessio
195 GAZZOLI Michele
196 VERRE Alessandro
197 QUARANTA Samuel

201 BUSCHEK Paul
202 GOVEKAR Matevz
203 MCLAIN Logan
205 KIERNER Florian

211 GARAVAGLIA Giacomo
212 COLOMBO Raul
213 ZANDRI Francesco
214 DI BENEDETTO Stefano
215 BURCHIO Federico
216 REBELLIN Davide
217 BORTOLUZZI Giovanni

221 SALZMANN Jodok
222 GOTZINGER Valentin
223 GRATZER Alexander
224 MESSNER Martin
226 AUER Daniel
227 HOFBAUER Philipp

231 VERZA Riccardo
232 ACCO Alessio
233 FARESIN Edoardo
234 ZURLO Matteo
235 GANDIN Stefano
236 ZAMBANINI Edoardo


Perfil de la prueba © GS Emilia


El Memorial Pantani, que honra la figura del carismático Marco Pantani (vencedor de Giro y Tour y fallecido trágicamente en febrero de 2004), vivirá en 2021 su 18ª edición, teniendo en su historial 16 triunfos locales (a cargo de ilustres como Damiano Cunego o Gilberto Simoni, y con Fabio Felline como único biganador, en 2012 y el año pasado) y uno solo foráneo (Alexei Lutsenko en 2019).

El GS Emilia, organizador de la carrera, ha preparado un recorrido de 196 kilómetros con salida en Castrocaro Terme-Terra del Sole y meta en Cesenatico, lugar de nacimiento del ídolo desaparecido. Tras las primeras subidas y bajadas de GrisignanoRocca del CarminateTeodorano y Monte Cavallo, se llega al circuito de Montevecchio, punto clave de la carrera con una pendiente media entre el 6 y el 8% y picos del 13-14%, al que se darán tres vueltas. Por fin, la prueba se dirigirá hacia Cesenatico, donde habrá un primer paso por la línea de meta para entrar en el último circuito de 5 kilómetros que se repetirá cuatro veces.

En cuanto a la participación, están confirmados cinco equipos WorldTour y siete equipos profesionales, además de once continentales y la selección nacional italiana. La presencia española incluye a las escuadras Movistar, Euskaltel y Burgos, además de Alex Aranburu (Astana), Jonathan Castroviejo (Ineos), Víctor de la Parte y Cristian Rodríguez (TotalEnergies) y Vicente Hernaiz (Eolo).


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Sonny Colbrelli 2nd at Coppa Sabatini

Sonny Colbrelli crossed the line behind Michael Valgren (EF Education-Nippo) on an uphill sprint to the line at Coppa Sabatini.

This year’s Gran Premio Citta di Peccioli was a bit different than in the previous years. It was 210 km long with three different circuits which always passed through the tiny picturesque old city Peccioli.

Despite an early breakaway, Bahrain Victorious took control of the race to manage the gap. Sonny was positioned very well at the penultimate climb and was one of the protagonists who pushed the group. On the final climb, Colbrelli and seven riders went up the road with a minute to the peloton. With several attacks, Sonny chose the right moment to follow Valgren but ultimately had to settle for second as fatigue from his efforts in the European Championships set in.

Coppa Sabatini 2021 – Gran Premio Citta di Peccioli – 69th Edition – Peccioli – Peccioli 210,8 km – 16/09/2021 – Sonny Colbrelli (ITA – Bahrain Victorious) – photo Luca Bettini/BettiniPhoto©2021

Sonny Colbrelli: “I gave it my all today. In the late breakaway group, I always pull at the front. They were in two of the same team, and obviously, Valgren stayed behind. Therefore, in the finale, he has more energy left. I can’t say I’m happy with a second-place result, as I always want to win. Today more than ever, I’m wearing the European Champion jersey and wanted to take the first win with it. Besides that, my teammates, especially Domen Novak and Jonathan Milan, worked hard, and I wanted to repay them with a victory”.

Alberto Volpi, Bahrain Victorious Sports Director: “We are satisfied with today’s racing. Guys followed the instructions and the team strategy. Sonny was at the end well positioned with the help of all his teammates. Unfortunately, he didn’t have strength in the last few meters, and he finished 2nd.”

Sonny Colbrelli can soon have another opportunity to take the first victory with the European Champion jersey, as he will lead Bahrain Victorious at Memorial Marco Pantani, scheduled on Saturday 18th September. The Italian Champion already won this race in 2014, which wants to remember one of the most beloved Italian cyclists of all time.

This edition will feature a traditional route of 196km from Castrocaro Terme Terra del Sole to Cesenatico. A challenging course, including the Montevecchio circuit with a 5km climb (average slope of 6-8% with peaks of 13-14%) to be covered three times. Then the race heads towards the sea, with the finale on the Cesenatico 5km circuit to repeat four times, for a total of Km 20.

Alberto Volpi, Bahrain Victorious SD: “Memorial Pantani is always a particular race with a challenging first part with many climbs and a second easier part on the plain. We aim to win the race with our leader Sonny Colbrelli, supported by Domen Novak. We will also try to enter in the break with Pernsteiner, Padun and Williams”.

(All pictures can be used for editorial and non-commercial usages only and are copyright @Bettiniphoto @TeamBahrainVictorious)

— Simona Mazzoleni to bahraincyclingteam.com

Sonny Colbrelli is the new European Champion!

Bahrain Victorious congratulates Sonny Colbrelli on the prestigious victory in the men’s road race at the European Championships in Trento, Italy, on Sunday 12th September.

The rider of the Italian National team beat in a two-man sprint Remco Evenepoel (Belgium), with Benoit Cosnefroy (France) rounding up the podium in third place.

Today, Colbrelli was one of the favourites, coming from a successful season with Bahrain Victorious and recently having won the GC and one stage at the Benelux Tour. The Italian Champion showed his great shape on the European Champs course: a 179.2 km with start and finish in Trento. After the first 73 km in line, the route runs through the “Valle dei Laghi” and the “Monte Bondone”, followed by the final 13.2 km circuit, to be repeated eight times, including the Povo climb (3.6 km at 4.7%).
A course that suited our rider, as surviving the challenging circuit, meant to have the opportunity to play the cards of a fast man in the final flat 4 km.
That was what Colbrelli did, entering in the strong group of riders that attacked with 40km to go, then together with the only Cosnefroy (France) keeping the pace of Remco Evenepoel (Belgium) when he accelerated with 25km to go. After that, he was extraordinary in surviving to the final acceleration of the Belgian rider on the last climb and the only one to resist. It was a duel in the finale: Colbrelli was clever to open the sprint at the right time and take this excellent Road European Champion’s title. It’s the first time a rider of the team has won this prestigious jersey.

2021 UEC Road European Championships – Trento – Elite Men’s Road Race Trento – Trento 179,2 km – 12/09/2021 – Sonny Colbrelli (Italy) – Remco Evenepoel (Belgium) – photo Dario Belingheri/BettiniPhoto©2021

Sonny Colbrelli: “It’s amazing. A fantastic victory. I didn’t have a good feeling at the beginning of the race. I had also got a lot of pressure as this race was a huge opportunity for me. But the Italian team worked perfectly, and Trentin, in the final, supported me excellently. Then I managed to follow Evenepoel on the last climb, although I was suffering. I’m so happy also because I took this win in Italy and as an Italian is something special”.

(All pictures can be used for editorial and non-commercial usages only and are copyright @Bettiniphoto @TeamBahrainVictorious)

— Simona Mazzoleni to bahraincyclingteam.com

Sonny Colbrelli tops Benelux Tour GC as Matej Mohrič took the final stage and made the overall podium in 2nd

1-2 for the second consecutive day at the Benelux Tour on the stage and the final general classification, with Sonny Colbrelli defending the GC leadership and Matej Mohorič as runner-up. Bahrain Victorious concluded the 7-day WorldTour stage race across Netherlands and Belgium countries impressively.

Benelux Tour ended today with stage 7 (Namur-Geraardsbergen, 181.8km), featuring the traditional Flanders climbs as the Bosberg, the Denderoordstraat and the legendary Muur van Geraardsbergen.

On the paper, it was a day that could upset the general ranking. But Bahrain Victorious started the stage with two riders in first and second place overall: Sonny Colbrelli and Matej Mohorič, both heavily favoured to take the stage and defend the leadership, as the course suited them.

Benelux Tour 2021 – 17th Edition – 7th stage Namur – Geraardsbergen 180,9 km – 05/09/2021 – Matej Mohoric (SLO – Bahrain Victorious) – photo Dion Kerckhoffs/CV/BettiniPhoto©2021

After a very fast start and several unsuccessful attempts, a breakaway of four riders was established. 7 further men then managed to join them. But none of the guys in the front group was a threat to the GC. 

Once the breakaway was caught back, Asgreen, Mohorič, Campenaerts and McNulty formed a new leading group. Then the Slovenian Champion attacked again on ‘De Muur’ before the final lap to repeat a solo success as his teammate did the day before. On the legendary ascent, Colbrelli came in second place, 11″ adrift, with Tom Dumoulin (Jumbo Visma) in 3rd place (+15″).

Matej Mohorič: “It was like a dream for us today. It’s a super proud moment for the team and one of the most significant victories for us.

The first goal of today’s stage was to defend the GC. I also was second overall, so we were thinking about that as well. The stage win was a goal too, but it was not likely.

We took control immediately after the breakaway was established. We worked super good as a team in front. In the final, Asgreen attacked, and I immediately followed with Campenaerts, and we bridged over to the breakaway. I wanted to save my legs to the finale also to help in case of need for Sonny. Then when I saw the opportunity on the last climb of the Muur I tried to go for the stage win. Sonny protected me from the back”.

Benelux Tour 2021 – 17th Edition – 7th stage Namur – Geraardsbergen 180,9 km – 05/09/2021 – Matej Mohoric (SLO – Bahrain Victorious) – photo Dion Kerckhoffs/CV/BettiniPhoto©2021

Sonny Colbrelli: “1-2 in the stage as yesterday and 1-2 in the general classification. Something we can be more than proud of! Today, I had to defend the leader jersey, but we were also trying to go for the stage as a team. When Matej was leading, I controlled from behind, always trying to follow the various attacks. In the final, Dumoulin accelerated, and I must admit I struggled a bit to follow him. In the end, we managed to realise our plans, and that’s amazing”.

Benelux Tour 2021 – 17th Edition – 7th stage Namur – Geraardsbergen 180,9 km – 05/09/2021 – Sonny Colbrelli (ITA – Bahrain Victorious) – photo Dion Kerckhoffs/CV/BettiniPhoto©2021

— Simona Mazzoleni to bahraincyclingteam.com

Sonny Colbrelli sprints to second on stage 5 Benelux Tour

Bahrain Victorious took another second place at Benelux Tour. After Phil Bauhaus was runner-up on opening day, Sonny Colbrelli was close to the victory on stage 5 (Riemst-Bilzen, 192km), with Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) beating the Italian Champion on the slightly uphill finish.

Today’s course, rolling in the Belgian provinces of Limburg and Liège, featured a hilly section, including 15 côtes, but a finale that could represent the last opportunity for pure sprinters to shine at this year’s edition.

An early breakaway of 3 riders formed after 28km, but it was always kept under control by the peloton, which closed the gap before the last lap of the final local circuit, with riders crossing the finish line 3 times before the finish.
Bahrain Victorious sprinter Phil Bauhaus wasn’t feeling good and couldn’t keep pace with the main group. With the German rider out of the game, it was then up to Sonny Colbrelli and Matej Mohorič to play their cards. A series of attempts of attacks enlightened the finale, including those of the Slovenian Champion, who tried to jump clear with about 5km to go. But with sprinters teams controlling the race, it was clear that a restricted group of fast men would fight for the win. The Italian Champion was the one who opened the sprint after a perfect leadout of his teammates with Mohorič as the last man, but the Australian Caleb Ewan put on a powerful acceleration to outsprint him.

Sonny Colbrelli: “It’s a pity not to have finalized with a victory the excellent job done by my teammates. We raced well, and I’m confident ahead of the last two stages. I will try again, that’s for sure”.

Benelux Tour 2021 – 17th Edition – 5th stage Riemst – Bilzen 192 km – 03/09/2021 – Heinrich Haussler (AUS – Bahrain Victorious) – Gino Mader (SUI – Bahrain Victorious) – photo Dion Kerckhoffs/CV/BettiniPhotoå©2021

Rolf Aldag, Bahrain Victorious SD: “It was a pretty intense stage since the beginning, as it was the last chance for sprinter’s team to take a win. We adjusted our strategies during the race, as our initial plan was to win the stage with Phil Bauhaus, but we knew that the race might be harder than on paper, so we left it open for Colbrelli and Mohorič. Moreover, Phil didn’t feel good today. He’s struggling a bit with his health since the Deutschland Tour. So we made the race for Sonny, with also the option to a late attack from Matej. Everybody executed his job excellently, keeping the guys on the front. Haussler kept the pace high and was still there in the leadout as Wright did. Before that, Milan and Sieberg positioned the team on the narrow roads. So all in all, we are satisfied, although it’s a second place again, and only again a matter of some metres. Anyway, we must accept that we can be beaten by someone who is in perfect shape.”

Benelux Tour continues tomorrow with the final two stages. A very demanding weekend, with a climbing stage 6 and the cobblestones on the last day.

(All pictures can be used for editorial and non-commercial usages only and are copyright @Bettiniphoto @TeamBahrainVictorious)

— Simona Mazzoleni to bahraincyclingteam.com