Yevgeniy Gidich and Artyom Zakharov spend 270 km in a breakaway at Milano-Sanremo – Astana

Yevgeniy Gidich and Artyom Zakharov spend 270 km in a breakaway at Milano-Sanremo

Two Kazakh riders Yevgeniy Gidich and Artyom Zakharov showed really good form today at the first Monument of the year Milano-Sanremo, spending around 270 kilometers in the breakaway.

Zakharov was the first rider who attacked immediately at KM 0, creating a group of four riders, while shortly it was Yevgeniy Gidich who joined them after a strong counterattack, bringing with him three more riders. The group of Zakharov and Gidich quickly opened a good gap, increasing their advantage to seven minutes with some 150 km to go.

The riders in the breakaway worked well together and with just 50 km to go the group of Gidich and Zakharov still was keeping around four minutes of advantage.

On one of the last climbs before famous Cipressa hill the breakaway group has split in two parts with Yevgeniy Gidich still riding in front. At the end of the day the break of Gidich ended with some 20 km to go on the descent from Cipressa, while the last two riders from the leading group have been caught back at the beginning of Poggio climb with 9 km to go.

“Well, I felt quite good today and I am really happy with the way I spent this day. It was our plan to go in the break and I am happy I could join it, spending a tough and long but at the same time very nice day in front of the race. Milano-Sanremo was the first cycling race I watched on TV when I just started practicing cycling. On that time I even could not imagine how it is possible to ride 300 kilometers in one day… Today, I spent 270 km in a breakaway and I am happy about that”, – said Yevgeniy Gidich.


“Before the start together with Yevgeniy we decided that it would be good to try to join the daily breakaway and shortly after the race started, we both were able to attack in a right moment. Well, it was quite a long day and in the end I just gave my all trying to stay in front as long as possible. I had to give up somewhere with 30 km to go, but I think it was a nice race for me, for Yevgeniy and our Astana Qazaqstan Team”, – added Artyom Zakharov.

An attack on the descent from Poggio brought a solo victory to the Slovenian rider Matej Mohoric, while Astana’s best performer became Fabio Felline, who finished in one of the chasing groups behind the winner.

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Dmitriy Gruzdev and Artyom Zakharov stay with Astana Qazaqstan Team – Astana

Dmitriy Gruzdev and Artyom Zakharov stay with Astana Qazaqstan Team

Two Kazakh riders Dmitriy Gruzdev and Artyom Zakharov have renewed their contracts with Astana Qazaqstan Team for the next two seasons (2022 and 2023).

Dmitriy Gruzdev (35) is preparing for his 11th season with the Kazakh team, which he joined in 2012. Dmitriy is one of the most experienced active Kazakh riders in the peloton with eight Grand Tours, 17 Monuments and 7 Road World Championships to his name. Dmitriy Gruzdev is triple National and double Asian individual time trial Champion and this year, he represented Kazakhstan at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“The new contract with Astana Qazaqstan Team motivates me to keep on improving, to keep on providing my best for the team goals, to keep on working side by side with the team leaders, together achieving success. The last two years turned out to be a serious challenge for everyone but stepping into the new season I hope that everything will return to normal. I think I will be useful to the team in any kind of race; classics, stage races or Grand Tours”, – said Dmitriy Gruzdev.

Artyom Zakharov, who turned 30 today, joined team Astana in 2017. He is a track specialist who represented Kazakhstan in omnium at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but at the same time Artyom gained good experience at the Northern Classic races and short week-long stage races.

The 2017 National road race Champion, this year Zakharov claimed the bronze medal in the road race behind his teammates Yevgeniy Fedorov and Yevgeniy Gidich.

“The last year turned out to be tense and nervous due to the continuing pandemic and the preparation for the Olympic Games which was also a bit difficult because of many restrictions. Due to my track preparation, for the Olympics and Track World Championships, I did not spend too much time on the road together with team Astana this year. In the upcoming season, I would like to concentrate on the road, on helping my team, on working for my personal results in any one-day race or a small stage race. Despite the fact I spent a lot of time on track, I was able to gain some important experience during these five years in the WorldTour, and I feel like it is the right time to use it to achieve something important”, – said Artyom Zakharov.


“Dmitriy and Artyom are very experienced riders, and we need them in our team to share this valuable experience with the new generation of Kazakh riders like Yevgeniy Fedorov, Gleb Brussenskiy and our neo-pro Nurbergen Nurlykhassym. Despite his age, Gruzdev is still improving and during the last two seasons, especially at La Vuelta in 2020 and the Tour de France in 2021, he proved to be an important team player. Zakharov is also a strong and very loyal rider, always ready to provide good help to the leaders both at the classics and stage races. In the upcoming season, I am expecting both riders to work hard for the most important team goals”, – said Alexandr Vinokurov, General Manager of Astana Qazaqstan Team.

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