Lachlan takes on The Munga

By now, Lachlan is something of an old hand at ultra racing but it feels like a brand new adventure every time he’s on the start line. “I love just applying myself fully to something that requires all of you and just adapting to whatever situation you’re in. I like being on the start line and not knowing what’s coming. At these races, you’re relying on yourself and you don’t really know what kind of a challenge you’re going to come up against. That’s a cool feeling to have. That’s what attracts me to these kinds of adventures.”   When he inevitably faces tough moments, Lachlan remembers why he’s out there, on his own, riding his bike in extreme conditions, when he could be relaxing at home. “If I didn’t want this difficult moment, I shouldn’t have come at all,” he says. “You just have to take that. The best things always come from when you push through and come out the other side. That’s where the real reward is. Just be present in that hard moment and be aware that it will pass. Ultimately, you’re going to get humbled out there and The Munga is going to be very difficult, but I’m looking forward to having that one, singular challenge for a few days.”   Be sure to check back next week to track Lachy’s dot and stay up to date with all the latest info from the 2021 Munga MTB race.

— Johannes Mansson to